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25 Elite Poems For Kids – Read Now latest eBook to excite your nerves

Elite Poems eBook

The “25 Elite Poems for Kids” is a blessing to the parents and the schools. The book of poetry for kids is elegant and is completely so unique and of today’s demands. Kids will love to read this book and should read it and memorize too. They’ll find the book as interesting as they’ll keep in their bookshelf and become popular to the people in their lives. They can read out the poems in a gathering or in their schools to find only praised and praised more.

All are welcome to purchase this poetry book as it’s available for sale on Amazon. Go ahead and get the book for better prospects. The 25 poems are all so nice to read and easy to memorize. Recite the poems in any tune, which would only help the kids to get inspired to write on their own.

If a brilliant kid student has the hobby of writing, then this book is very useful to him or her. You can give us your reviews after purchasing this book on a reasonable price. Looking forward for you to help the kids grow with the goodness of reading books. Our earlier book, “Poetry School for Kids” also is the bestseller among our various books on several subjects. So, do not wait for too long thinking whether to purchase this book or not. Think about us and let us also grow with more books from us to come in your way. Let’s begin with the first poem for example till the end of poem number 25.

Poem 1 (Speak)

Speak Something

Speak Something

Say Something

Look at us

Look at us

We are listening

We are listening

Speak out dear you

We want to cheer you

Happiness can make you speak

Happiness can make you teach

Teach us what you want to

Reach us when you want to

Come on say loud and Clear

Don’t be shy oh my dear

Sleep early and get up early

Eat healthy and live safely   

Poem 2 (Be Truthful)

I never try to speak a lie

I keep smiling and never cry

I make efforts

For all comforts

I want to learn

For what I need to earn

I say good bye

To the evil eye

I hate speaking lies

And love French fries

My food is full of nutrition

I keep myself having fun

Not all the time I’m busy

I’m happy to sleep early

I keep fit myself by smiling for I know

Cheers are my own that I never borrow

I make people around me happy

I do exercise to bring in me energy

I fight for justice to all

As I know I take care of all

I might become a leader

For that I’m a good reader 

Want to read more? Just trust us and buy the Poetry eBook on Amazon. It’s titled as “25 Elite Poems For Kids”, by Khalid M Raza. Or you can visit:

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