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4 Rapists of Hyderabad Woman not killed in encounter as Police says?

It might be good to know for the people of India that at least 4 Rapists of Hyderabad Woman killed in an encounter. Yes, they did a heinous crime as after raping the Vet they burnt her. But, is it justified? They should’ve been hanged immediately but things go not towards justice when women in India raped.


The problem is the rapists in India used for some other work for terror activity. It’s also be certain that 4 rapists might have been included in RSS for their brutal activity performance. RSS always looks for people, who have criminal records and includes them for fight against Muslims. In 2002 Gujarat riots criminals were used to rape and kill thousands of Muslims. And this was done under the leadership of Narendra Modi as Gujarat’s Chief Minister. He’s also a life term member of RSS.

4 Rapists Killed Or Not?


People are so much in horrible situation that they’re celebrating the killing of 4 rapists by the police. But, they should have been hanged as soon as possible or with an immediate action. The court should have given the 4 rapists a death sentence.


People now cheering of these killings through an encounter that reflects the lack of trust people have on judiciary.


Again it might be of concern that Hyderabad police did their job rightly. The Hyderabad police was so much pressurized with the protests by the Indian people. And that they might have randomly picked some other 4 men and killed them. The police captured the culprits or not is still unknown but yes we need trial in courts so that justice will be served. Hence, it’s also of concern that the 4 rapists are still alive and used to play different roles as per the requirements. However, it’s not easy to conclude whether the criminals were killed in an encounter or not. Police had to bear the pressure built by the people to hang the rapists publicly. But it was not done so or justice not served rightly. Finally, Delhi rape victim’s accused are still alive and are not hanged to death yet.

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