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Bajwa extension could be blocked as 7 Pakistani Generals urge Pakistan SC

There’s hue and cry over Army Chief of Pakistan Qamar Javed Bajwa for his extension. Seven Generals teamed up and urged Pakistani Supreme Court for the same. Which means after Imran Khan’s removal from PM post wasn’t successful; there’s lot of buzz over Bajwa’s resignation. They opposed granting of three year extension to General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s role, it was learned.


The seven Generals met Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa to halt PM Imran’s move for granting three year extension to Bajwa. They feared that it could spoil their chances to achieve the coveted post. They further mentioned that there were attempts by Bajwa’s way to manipulate the system. And this couldn’t be acceptable. He wanted to stay at the top for no valid reason, they claimed.


Bajwa was accused earlier by Lt General Sattar for ruining the image of Pakistan’s army. However, PM Khan always been pleased with Gen Bajwa. His retaliation to Indian attacks kept Pakistan on upper hand against Indian forces, made him a hero of Pakistan army. Lt Gen Sattar was the most senior General when Bajwa had to retire on Nov 29. If he gets an extension of three years then most senior Generals will not remain eligible for the post. And it was also learned that Chief Justice Khosa will retire in a month so it’s possible that Bajwa can get an extension of three years.

After Imran Khan it’s Bajwa Now

Previously there were herculean efforts by the opposition to oust Imran Khan govt. Moulana Fazal Ur Rahman was the main accused in creating trouble in Pakistan. He tried his best to ask for resignation from Imran Khan through his long march. He held Pakistani roads with protests by playing his religious card. However, Imran Khan survived the threat and now it seems Gen Bajwa will have to keep his fingers crossed. It means that it’s undecided whether he will get an extension of three years or not.

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