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Bhamidipati Sai Praneeth was praised at Raj Bhavan for his badminton

The Governor, Sri ESL Narasimhan, on Friday praised Arjun awardee and bronze medal winner. In the international badminton championship, Bhamidipati Sai Praneeth and his coach Pullela Gopichand were hailed.


Sai Praneeth won the bronze medal in the international badminton championship. He was felicitated at the glittering Darbar Hall, Raj Bhavan.  Praneeth was congratulated on his success in the badminton championship. The Governor wished that he wins the upcoming Olympics too and walk into the Raj Bhavan with silver medal if not gold. The Governor is confident that Sai Praneeth will grow to the  level of Prakash Padukone, a world champion. 

Coach Gopi Chand profusely thanked the Governor couple for their ‘divine’ blessings to Sai Praneeth. Without his blessings it would not have been possible to scale such heights, he said. He’s confident that Bhamidipati Sai Praneeth will certainly come back to Raj Bhavan after his victory in the upcoming Olympics in 2020. 


The felicitations were happily responded by Sai Praneeth. And he expressed the hope that he will certainly win the Olympics. Hopes to come again to Raj Bhavan to take the blessings of the Governor and the Lady Governor.


Advisors to the Governor APVN Sarma and AK Mahanthy, Secretary to the Governor Surendra Mohan and others attended the function.


Badminton has reached a new height for India as people are aware of the sport in the women and men categories. People of India sticking to sports channels on television to watch badminton as they used to watch cricket. Players like Sindhu and Saina already the favorites of Indians and reasonably the tennis star Sania in women sports. Sai Praneeth gained a lot of appreciation to boost his morale for the upcoming Olympics. His promise to the Governor will be fulfilled as it’s hoped by all Indians.

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