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BJP suffered Indian people’s anger over Narendra Modi’s misdeeds

The couple of BJP suffered hard over the misdeeds of particularly Narendra Modi. The BJP couple is none other than Narendra Modi & Amit Shah. They both are ruining India’s progress with their intent to make more enemies out of their arrogance. Both Narendra Modi & Amit Shah are caught by the Indians over their criminal activities using RSS. They’re supposed revive Indian economy but playing roles of divide & rule. This is not acceptable to the people of India.


India is a country of different religions living together in peacefulness. But people are angry over Narendra Modi as BJP suffered a lot from people’s protest against CAA. The CAA is Citizenship Amendment Act and never benefits the Indians. What’s so joking to know is the way BJP thinks to carry on with CAA. They know that they cannot help Indians a lot with their governance. So, they’re playing blame games. BJP trying to blame Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan for the harassment by these countries to their minorities. Time is not such that in these countries it was learned that the minorities are happy.


BJP’s card to please the majority is just to divide & rule since a long time. Narendra Modi helped corrupt people and let them to leave India easily. He also helped Reliance Company and BJP since a long time funded by the Ambanis. People are against Narendra Modi’s claims for bringing good days for Indians. And the good days will never come as BJP suffered a lot and is thinking of retaining power with their corrupt mind.

Khalid M Raza

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