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This book section provides valuable long and short content, which can be read to know what’s fiction and romance is all about. Stories in each post are unique and interesting. Knowledgeable and readily available for your needs.

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25 Elite Poems For Kids – Read Now latest eBook to excite your nerves

Elite Poems eBook The “25 Elite Poems for Kids” is a blessing to the parents and the schools. The book of poetry for kids is elegant and is completely so unique and of today’s demands. Kids will love to read this book and should read it and memorize too. They’ll find the book as interesting […]

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How to Write Novels without experience in simple this way

How to write Novels? Seems an important question in the minds of the talented article writers. They can write business articles and much more with the use of their research work. Well, a well researched article will be the best for the readers for those particular subjects in detail and also truly helpful. However, Novels […]

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Bollywood Top Unknown Hindi Lyrics – Read Now for FREE

Bollywood Becomes Accessible This Book “Bollywood Unknown Lyrics” can create magic in the Indian Film Industry. It’s though very tough to get support from film producers but I know it will definitely impress them. In many reasons, if the producers look for a ready made lyrics content on which they can shower music to make […]

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Book: Tinka Re Tinka – Bollywood unique unknown 50 catchy songs for sale

This Book “Bollywood Unknown Lyrics” can create magic in the Indian Film Industry. It’s though very tough to gather support from film producers but I know it will definitely impress them. In many reasons, if the producers look for a readymade lyrics content on which they can shower music to make the lyrics worthy then […]

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About Imran Khan’s failures over Narendra Modi’s failed leadership

Let’s talk about the great living legend Imran Khan with some deep research. Pakistan is one of the poorest country in the world. It was the victim of terrorism and according Imran Khan thousands of Pakistanis were killed. During the fight to liberate Afghanistan from the hands of Russia (Soviet Union), Pakistan lost over 70 […]

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Narendra Modi’s Hatred -eBOOK – Read Now to Know Facts

Prologue It’s a true story of the Indian Prime Minister’s downfall. He got what he deserved and even lesser as he’s a liar. His days of being at the top position are going to end and no more harm he can do after his exit. The book about him includes his various activities to begin […]

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PM Story in short to reveal facts with useful spicy inputs

Disclaimer: In the beginning of this story some paragraphs are not in accordance with the PM of India. We regret that we have to publish this story as we know our readers will understand what are the facts and what are not. About PM Narendra Modi’s businesses as it was learned by us that he […]

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Lovers Take U Turn – Short Story – eBook – Read Now

Prologue (Lovers Take U Turn) Yes, lovers take U turn and much more for loving each other in a thrilling way. Here, the business lovers come together and they’re already known to each other before starting restaurant business. In a triangle of three, there happens to be a genuine second lover, who finds his love when he was her […]

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Story: Sad Journey Ends – eBooks – Best Lyrics -Poems and much more

Prologue: “Sad Journey Ends”, is a story written taking care about the mishaps that often lead to new relationship. Those are the relationships that happen on a one side basis. Here, the lead female is Anne and she finds Ram. Ram is the handsome lad, who helps her for a period of being with her […]

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School of Thought Poetry

Prologue It’s of immense pleasure to me if for any reason you read this book of simple poetry; that too quick in time and well written and to be honest, there’s a bit of hard work behind this book as I feel; no matter how popular this book comes out to be, it’s out-and-out a […]

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Prologue There’s always a reason for us to make things go; as we want them to happen, the way we need to be together without being hurt.  We love each other and being far away from each other’s thoughts, and that creates misunderstandings and a lot more of awe and in deep from our heart […]

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Drama For Money Making

Prologue This book consists of adult content and to be precise may not misguide you towards money making with ease but the intention is clear that there’s a true picture that makes you feel the importance of money to certain people, which matters a lot. People may get disappointed with their hard work, where they […]

The Giant Ant

Prologue Science has taken into account too many experiments by too many people; till date, and this experiment by the trio as three friends in need of popularity yield them to go beyond their expectations of making a giant ant, where only three scientists, being close friends as said the trio; get involved, and this […]