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Why no fundamental rights in IOK when armed forces are there?

Democracy was kicked hard by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and after abrogation of article 370 several incidents known. There was no need for the BJP to revoke article 370 and then create confusion in India. For the people of India, it’s easy to sit at home relaxed and watch fake television news. But, the […]

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India diverting ethnic cleansing in Kashmir with entry of terrorists claim

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan confirmed that India is reportedly wants the attention from Kashmir to be diverted. Ethnic cleansing of Kashmir people is on the rise and the world is aware of this. Indian media claimed that terrorists have entered into the regions of IOK and southern parts of India. The debate is on […]

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Barbecue spice ride festival just near you

Barbecue Nation, India’s leading casual dining restaurant chain, invites foodies to indulge in. ‘Let’s Chili! Fest’- offering mouth-watering dishes, graced with a variety of special chilies for a fiery culinary adventure. The special dishes are being offered through an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. Visit any of Barbecue Nation’s outlets in Hyderabad and Telangana, between August […]

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Priyanka Gandhi blames Narendra Modi over fake democracy in India

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra being former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s daughter expressed her opinions. In two occasions she told that India being the largest democracy in the world is of no use. She said this because of the arrests of two Congress leaders on no legal grounds. Where they spoke to the media and was found […]

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Narendra Modi wants India as Hindu Nation disagreed by Hindus in India

Right from Godhra strategy to create Gujarat riots and now ethnic cleansing in Kashmir, Narendra Modi wants India as Hindu Nation. However, many educated Hindus belonging to decent family background do not agree to what Narendra Modi intends. He along with Amit Shah are crazy over things that make BJP popular in India. However, India […]

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Kashmir situation keeps Muslims alert in India

While many Muslims in India are least bothered about what’s happening in Kashmir, most of them are alert. Foreign news media claims that India is playing a dangerous game with Kashmir while Indian media supporting Modi-Shah. The truth is there’s a lot of troubled Kashmir Muslims, who are watching their brothers and sisters killed everyday. […]

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Mr Asaduddin Owaisi hoisted Indian Flag to mark Independence Day

All India Majlis e Ittahadul Muslameen President is happy to hoist Independence Day flag today. He attended a glittering function at Hyderabad. The MP of Hyderabad Barrister Asaduddin Owasis hoisted Indian National Flag and was pleased to be honored. Barrister went on to mark India’s 73rd India Independence Day Celebrations. Mr Asaduddin Owaisi was reportedly seen […]

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End Mob Lynching first PM told

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about Sati and Child Marriage in his speech. He said if India can end Sati and Child Marriage from Hinduism then why not Triple Talaq? Over this experts said that he should end Mob Lynching first. End Mob Lynching and make India free from violence and corruption was told to […]

India diverting, Kashmir Muslims, Ghulam Nabi, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Decision making, Kingdom, PM, Narendra Modi, Riots, India, Minority, Majority

Kashmir Muslims happy over Pakistan help while India deploys terrorists

Even after having more than 8 lakh army personal, India sends 30 thousand RSS terrorists to rape and murder Kashmir Muslims. Indian government pretends to say that they’ve sent 30 thousand armed forces more to enter into the battle with Pakistan. However, it was clear that these armed forces are none other than Indian RSS […]

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Kashmir riots hurting humanity in India for peace across world

Hurting the humanity is the master mind of Narendra Modi led BJP government. With Kashmir riots, the situation is becoming from bad to worse. BJP is playing their cards by holding all the power in their hands. They know not what they’re doing and they cannot bring peace to the nation. But, they’ll be wiped […]

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Imran Khan says India internationalized Kashmir issue

Imran Khan just broke his continuous patience over India’s politics by saying that he will become Ambassador for Kashmir. “India has Internationalized the Kashmir issue and I will take on myself to create awareness”. He also said he will make awareness throughout the world by becoming an Ambassador for Kashmir. It’s a sad beginning for […]

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Muslims protest against Pakistan as India’s enemy, arrested

An effigy of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and with a banner saying no more Pakistan was seen today. These protesters were against Pakistan and claimed Pakistan as India’s enemy. They keep on saying no more Pakistan with group called Muslim Rashtriya Manch. The activists of Muslim Rashtriya Manch came in the highlight as it […]

Khan says, Imran Khan calls, Kashmir, Imran Khan warned, Narendra Modi, Imran Khan salutes, Imran Khan, Times, Top 100 list

Imran Khan calls Narendra Modi Hitler on Kashmir issues

Yes there are issues in Kashmir and the policy of Modi and Shah has been revealed to eliminate the rights of Kashmir people. But, is it good that a leader from a rival country Imran Khan calls Narendra Modi as Hitler. It seems a gesture of peace again from the Prime Minister of Pakistan. When […]

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Article 371 in Kashmir demand continues to explain Modi policy

Abrogating the Article 370 and doing away with 35A in respect of Jammu & Kashmir is a corrupt policy. A muscular nationalism that betrays cavalier attitude of the Government. This is injurious to the very nationalism. Article 370 is different from that of 35A. By removing 35A, Modi – Shah duo are making room for […]

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Why Narendra Modi unable to answer questions of issues in Kashmir?

Kashmir was suffering a lot and is suffering more under Narendra Modi’s game. Narendra Modi unable to answer a single question regarding the atrocities meted out on Kashmir. People being harassed and murdered in Kashmir after the eviction of Article 370. India’s Prime Minister is playing games under the most hated name as Narendra Modi. […]