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Punjab joins Kerala on CAA ban as Telangana to follow next

Punjab declared CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) as unconstitutional and referred it as discriminatory. Punjab joins Kerala after the Kerala govt recently challenged the court accusing CAA as communal law. BJP is under trouble as Telangana to follow guidelines of Kerala & Punjab to stop implementation of CAA. The guidelines of Kerala & Punjab in opposing […]

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Pan dabbas only doing well with Badti Mehengai in India

Pan dabbas or Pan shops are only running well it seems because of high prices everywhere in India. People are so much inclined towards alcohol that Telangana & other States of India showed profits from wine sale. Why the sale of such products are on rise will be explained later. For now we demand the […]

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No 3 Kohli position in 2nd ODI vs Australia on Friday matters

Australia in their first One Day International against India started with a thumping win. Australians defeated India with aggression and good pace bowling. No 3 position for Virat Kohli was hopelessly not utilized as he batted at no 4 in the series opener. KL Rahul scored a solid 47 at no 3 but he consumed […]

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RSS terrorism should be fought to ban RSS from India by all Indians

The RSS terrorism claims that it’s a Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Group (National Group for Service) but it’s perfectly a terror outfit. Terrorism in India is playing a different role with RSS attacking Muslims and putting India under the shade of poverty. Indians told to fight for their rights and get back peace in India. Until […]

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UN Security Council looks at Kashmir issues to resolve problems of Kashmiris

Timely resolution of Kashmir issue in the light of relevant UN Security Council resolutions will be appreciated. The aspirations of the Kashmir people has been highly important since the abrogation of article 370. Another important requirement is that the peace that should be restored with normalcy in all sectors in Kashmir. This will not end […]

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Gautam Gambhir mocks Poor People as AAP leader wants explanation

Gautam Gambhir is former International cricket player & Current cricket commentator as well as BJP politician. He’s the Member of Parliament (MP) under Narendra Modi’s BJP govt. Gambhir also recently approached by BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) for an elite job. He stood always in support for CAA, NRC & NPR. Worst […]

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Modi cancelled trips across India fearing mob attacks

Narendra Modi returned mid way from various places in India including Kolkata. He was forced to meet Mamata Banerjee at her residence for a while and immediately returned back. Furious people against CAA, NRC & NPR did not welcome the Prime Minister of India. Looking at the angry mob, Narendra Modi cancelled his all trips […]

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Youth in large numbers to lose jobs in 2020 under BJP in India

The figure of job losers might be more than millions in the year 2020. But, experts say much more. Youth with salaries of about Rs 15000 also might lose jobs under BJP in 2020. Youth and adults to the tune of 7 million could lose their jobs in 2020 as per a round up calculation. […]

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Budget 2020 will hurt Indians as Price Inflation puts India in trouble

Many questions have been asked by Indians in large numbers to know the outcome of 2020 Budget. Nirmala Sitharaman is BJP’s finance minister and works under the guidance of BJP’s Home Minister Amit Shah. Both play different roles but the finance minister looks forward for issuing Budget 2020 not in favor of Indians. This is […]

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Delhi Police kicks BJP out of equation from Delhi assembly elections

Since Dec 15, 2019 it was learned about Delhi Police that their role of brutality increased with support from BJP. Students of Jamia Millia Islamia were brutally attacked by the Delhi Police. And this paved the way for Delhi Police to overshadow BJP’s election campaign. They rigorously kicked BJP out of equation to fight in […]

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AAP continues to join Congress leaders for Delhi Elections as BJP breaks

Congress leaders joined Delhi’s ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Monday. Ram Singh Netaji and Vinay Mishra joined AAP about 3 weeks ahead of the February 8 Delhi assembly elections. Vinay Mishra is the son of former Congress MP Mahabal Mishra. Ram Singh Netaji is a former Congress MLA. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and party […]

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JNU protests see BJP’s criminal activities using RSS over students

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) is India’s best education provider since many decades. JNU protests are hurting the BJP govt and so they’re using RSS to trouble JNU students. However, students across many parts of India also harassed by BJP’s RSS against peaceful protests. Thus, BJP claims that students doing violent protests by pushing RSS inside […]

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AIMIM never supported BJP ever in their long History as secular party

There’s a wrong notion brewing up in the minds of the Muslims of Hyderabad that AIMIM is supporting BJP indirectly. Hyderabad MP & President of AIMIM never thought people will go against him. He (Asaduddin Owaisi) claims that he respects sentiments of all the people of India and speaks about wrong intentions of BJP. This […]

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TRS blamed for supporting RSS as KCR breaks silence

TRS govt is blamed by the people of Telangana State for supporting RSS activists. The RSS activists are currently under training in Telangana State and are seen wandering with sticks. When asked who they’re by our correspondent for walking around the State? They replied that they’re policemen without uniform. TRS blamed for supporting RSS activists […]

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Violent RSS trying to create communal fights to raise CAA support

The protests continues to grip the nation towards major victory for abrogation of CAA. But, violent RSS trying their best to create communal violence across India to divide Hindus & Muslims. This RSS activity to create violent incidences between two major communities in India is termed as heinous crime. If this crime never stops then […]