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Pakistan Progress is Imran Khan approach with good deeds only

Previously Pakistan was regarded as one of the most corrupt nation after Zia Ul Haq’s death. However, Pakistan progress depends in the approach of Imran Khan to take the country out of poverty. This will not happen in a year or two but it will take at least 4 to 5 years more.   Pakistan […]

Pakistan progress, Imran Khan's, China, India, Kashmir, Pakistan

Imran Khan’s China trip will play key role after his visit to Saudi Arabia again

Successful China Trip of Imran Khan Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s trip to China ended with lots of options for the peacemaker. He’s so called a peacemaker because he returned Indian Pilot Abhinandan as a peace gesture but India took it in negative way. Wing Commander was captured by Pakistan from India’s fake Balakot air […]

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25 Elite Poems For Kids – Read Now latest eBook to excite your nerves

Elite Poems eBook The “25 Elite Poems for Kids” is a blessing to the parents and the schools. The book of poetry for kids is elegant and is completely so unique and of today’s demands. Kids will love to read this book and should read it and memorize too. They’ll find the book as interesting […]

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Indian fight against terror just to keep BJP voters pleased

If you’re an Indian then think what’s the BJP government is cooking for you some fake stories. Recently the BJP also told that mob lynching is not an issue to please the people, who already voted BJP. However, people of India are now aware that something is fishy with this current government. When Indian fight […]

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Indian Army in Kashmir committing suicides with stress of being tied up

The Indian Army is reportedly witnessed about six soldiers shot themselves dead as they committed suicides, it was claimed. However, the situation is Kashmir also cannot be handled 24 hours round the clock by the armed forces. They have been given the duty to perform and be alert all the time in their two shifts. […]

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Imran not ready to fight for justice says Pakistanis as Imran turns coward

Mr Imran not only since past six months issued warnings to the world but also said he will fight for justice to Kashmir people. And now Pakistanis are loud and clear to say their PM as coward. Again it’s a major victory for the Narendra Modi’s BJP government and that too by disappointing Pakistanis. Imran […]

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Modi awaits Diwali in Kashmir as curfew to be lifted soon

It was learned from fresh reports that India’s PM Narendra Modi awaits Diwali in Kashmir. Further, the curfew will be lifted and the people will come out of their homes. If the people of the valley make a noisy atmosphere then there will be a massacre. Thousands will be killed on the spot and this […]

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SEO tips from expert helped me to boost my website ranking

Dear Bloggers, you need to create niche for making your blog world famous and for that learn these SEO tips. The SEO tips are not my own but are from an expert of SEO, who told me to apply in my blog. He suggested me valuable inputs and told me several rules that I should […]

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How Lovers Lose Relations – eBook – Read an interesting story

“How Lovers Lose Relations”, is an eBook that reminds you of the early era of lovers. Moreover, it’s so interesting that once you start reading the book you’ll be in a position to be relaxed. Pleasure of reading can only be found in this eBook, which’s not a surprise but something you’ll definitely share. The […]

Imran not, Imran loses, Mr Imran, Saudi Jet, PM Imran, Imran Khan talks, Khan says, Imran Khan calls, Kashmir, Imran Khan warned, Narendra Modi, Imran Khan salutes, Imran Khan, Times, Top 100 list

Imran loses Kashmir battle against India while Modi enjoys Kashmir situation

Narendra Modi is against lifting the curfew in Kashmir, which Pakistan says Maqbuza Kashmir (IOJK). Mr Imran loses his efforts to create awareness to the people and leaders across the world. And he’s also responsible for not taking any action against India for Kashmir. Further, Imran loses to Narendra Modi because he’s busy in his […]

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Amit Shah clean bowled on Narendra Modi bouncer ball

Let’s see his 56 inches over his fast bowling, which turned out to be in favor of no one. BJP team lost the match as Narendra Modi bowled bouncer and that hit bottom of stumps as Amit Shah was out. However, the bails were not dislodged as Modi’s bouncer do not carry that much speed […]

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How to Write Novels without experience in simple this way

How to write Novels? Seems an important question in the minds of the talented article writers. They can write business articles and much more with the use of their research work. Well, a well researched article will be the best for the readers for those particular subjects in detail and also truly helpful. However, Novels […]

Imran not, Imran loses, Mr Imran, Saudi Jet, PM Imran, Imran Khan talks, Khan says, Imran Khan calls, Kashmir, Imran Khan warned, Narendra Modi, Imran Khan salutes, Imran Khan, Times, Top 100 list

Mr Imran Khan best politician ever to work for serving Pakistan on large scale

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Mr Imran Khan is the best politician ever in the history of the nation. He is the founder of Tahreek – E- Insaf Party of Pakistan (PTI). His education and further studies had made him more knowledgeable in serving his nation for better prospects. His Oxford degree from UK is no joke. […]

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Amazing Hindi Lyrics to read an Endless song

This is one of the amazing Hindi song as its lyrics are written after deep thoughts from inside the heart of the author. Let’s not forget what’s it is up to and should read it as an epic wonder. The song can make you feel the warmth from your inner sense to appreciate it inevitably. […]

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Indian Air Force releases fake video of Balakot Strike on Air Force Day

It’s very sad that even the Indian Army are taking clues from the PM Narendra Modi to speak lies. Indian air force just released a promotional video featuring Balakot air strike, supposedly killing 325 terrorists. They even kept on saying that they attacked a terror camp but was not sure. Not sure because they cannot […]