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BJP responsible for Rise of fall of GDP since 2014

The debate is on with BJP responsible or not for the rise of the fall of GDP. GDP is Gross Domestic Product and is measured over a duration to know the production in the country. It doesn’t matter if production increases through foreigners or not but it’s of concern when it matters for economy. Foreign […]

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Police Encounter of rapists reveals different story as per Asaduddin Owaisi

The mainstream media claimed repeatedly that the Police encounter of so called “Rapists” as the biggest news. Further, they looked happy to show that Police encounter had to be done because there was no other option left. And also they narrated the Police encounter of the “Rapists” by thinking that people will be pleased. Moreover, […]

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4 Rapists of Hyderabad Woman not killed in encounter as Police says?

It might be good to know for the people of India that at least 4 Rapists of Hyderabad Woman killed in an encounter. Yes, they did a heinous crime as after raping the Vet they burnt her. But, is it justified? They should’ve been hanged immediately but things go not towards justice when women in […]

BJP responsible, GDP, BJP can't, Jharkand Elections, Chanakya, Amit Shah, BJP, insult

BJP can’t make India as Hindu Rashtra as most Hindus don’t follow any religion

Why PM Modi thinks of making India as Hindu Rashtra while BJP can’t do so? This is the big question raised by experts again and again. It’s time to discuss about India more and more within India’s internal matter for many reasons. Firstly, India has diversity and subjective to have different language speaking people living […]

BJP responsible, GDP, BJP can't, Jharkand Elections, Chanakya, Amit Shah, BJP, insult

Jharkand Elections push BJP further behind with big loss

81 seats in Jharkand fought by different political parties resulted to the major setback of BJP. Consecutively, it was third major loss for BJP. After Jharkand Elections loss it will be a disaster for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).   It was so expected as BJP’s yet another defeat in Jharkand because Amit Shah looked […]

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Fake news on prostitution created by Indian media on Pakistan makes no sense

Indian Media including a top online channel created a lengthy report on export of brides from Pakistan to China. They also numbered it to 639 girls and from Christian community and were sold to Chinese men since 2 years. It was a fake propaganda against the present Pakistan govt and to which Indian media started […]

BJP responsible, GDP, BJP can't, Jharkand Elections, Chanakya, Amit Shah, BJP, insult

Chanakya insulted repeatedly during gatherings on many recent occasions

Amit Shah is regarded as Bharatiya Janata Party’s Chanakya and he used to make things happen for BJP. He was insulted so much that it could make him sit alone thinking about what strategy he used. But this man won’t give up and use different strategies for pleasing the majority. And he will be using […]

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Majority now angry with BJP govt over their disastrous rule in India

The BJP climbed twice with majority in the year 2014 and 2019 and now it seems to get maligned. Now the time have come to oust BJP within couple of years by the current majority. It’s so because people in India have woken up and want peace in India.   BJP ruled India favoring corruption […]

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Sanjay Singh insults Narendra Modi over many BJP failures in Parliament

“What’s the enmity BJP has with people of India can’t figure out”. Said Sanjay Singh (MP from Aam Aadmi Party). In the lines of hatred India will not prosper and India will progress with peacefulness only, he further said. Sanjay Singh lashed at BJP and told them to demolish Taj Mahal if they want as […]

4 Rapists, Rapists, Rape victims, India, woman, women, girl, girls, law

Rapists in India arrested but not given punishment on what grounds?

Every year since Delhi rape victim’s case media have taken their primary role in bringing rape news highlighted. More rapists have come to be noticed in India while they’ve been in police custody. Indian mainstream media wants such news to get highlighted only to play with the minds of the people. In one such instance, […]

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Bajwa extension could be blocked as 7 Pakistani Generals urge Pakistan SC

There’s hue and cry over Army Chief of Pakistan Qamar Javed Bajwa for his extension. Seven Generals teamed up and urged Pakistani Supreme Court for the same. Which means after Imran Khan’s removal from PM post wasn’t successful; there’s lot of buzz over Bajwa’s resignation. They opposed granting of three year extension to General Qamar […]

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New Picture released over Indian Economy SINCE 2015

In 2015 when Narendra Modi made amendment in the GDP calculation that led to new picture of Indian economy. Since 2015 the GDP is calculated differently and people today know not. They think today the GDP hit hard to about 4.5 %. But if it’s calculated on original basis then it would have been much […]

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Hyderabad woman not raped while others burnt after raped to mislead with clues?

The rape & murder of Dr PR (Name Changed) was a gruesome act in Hyderabad that needs further investigation. If you think that the perpetrators have committed this heinous crime not once but since a long time then you’re right.   ┬áIt is quite likely that the perpetrators might have kidnapped Dr PR. And kept […]

Police Encounter, Rape, Victim, Rapists, Asaduddin Owaisi

Asaduddin Owaisi on Pragya Thakur claims BJP hates Godse or Gandhiji

MP and President of AIMIM Mr Asaduddin Owaisi on Pragya Thakur’s inciting of terrorism spoke in Parliament today. He said Pragya Thakur should not be let free and a case against her should be filed. Earlier, couple of times Pragya Thakur favored Nathuram Godse against Mahatma Gandhi. She said Nathuram Godse was a patriotic person. […]

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Syrian attack concluded with evidence of no use of Chemical Weapons

Syrian government in April 2018 carried out attacks that were termed as their alleged use of chemical weapons. However, with further investigation the reports differ. It was highly unlikely that chemical weapons were used according to OPCW. OPCW is Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. The mainstream media also manipulated the facts and is […]