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Chanakya insulted repeatedly during gatherings on many recent occasions

Amit Shah is regarded as Bharatiya Janata Party’s Chanakya and he used to make things happen for BJP. He was insulted so much that it could make him sit alone thinking about what strategy he used. But this man won’t give up and use different strategies for pleasing the majority. And he will be using the surgical strike card once more, it was reported. Let him use whatever he manages to but it was clear that this man has been insulted by persons in VIP gatherings too.

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With Devendra Fadnavis’s govt in Maharashtra used to play games with constitution it was declared that Amit Shah was rediscovered. He was rediscovered on matters of dramatic scenario that happened recently when Fadnavis had to resign. Fadnavis stood as Chief Minister of Maharashtra for just four days. And this resulted people to study what’s BJP is up to. Then it was known to all that Amit Shah is Chanakya for BJP but he’s of filthy mind. Time is so bad for BJP at present that whenever someone has links with Chanakya then he or she is regarded as of corrupt mind. So, politicians and businesspersons avoiding Amit Shah as a matter of concern for their better image.


BJP is left with nothing to lift India towards progress. Only thing BJP could make people impressed once again is by attacking Pakistan once more. There’s a lengthy history of Indians and Pakistanis to hate each other and it’s ideal situation for BJP to fightback. So, another surgical strike on Pakistan will make the mainstream media to start creating attractive headlines to push BJP up. Thus, when Mr Shah repeatedly gets insulted then time for him not to relax but bring back his big picture for positive popularity. Now that people have started thinking all negatives about BJP in accordance with Amit Shah’s moves. His moves let BJP down.

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