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Congress party past record not good but since Sonia Gandhi’s time Congress is better

Congress party has been pushed back over the hatred of their past record against Muslims. Moreover, Sonia Gandhi’s Italian identity made Congress to suffer at the hands of majority, who want an Indian to lead India. She was Italian but ever since she married late Rajiv Gandhi, she adopted Indian culture. Sonia Gandhi learned Hindi and follows Hinduism and is regarded as Italian even then is a shamefulness.


Congress party might have not done better in the past but Manmohan Singh was chosen by Sonia Gandhi to deliver better governance. And he delivered by making India as the fastest growing country in terms of economy in the world. Mrs Gandhi could have taken the position of Prime Minister when Congress won with majority in 2004. But, she wanted a better leader than her and selected Manmohan Singh in 2004. Now, she knows about secular leadership of Rahul Gandhi and the latter failed over his low profile. Manmohan Singh has been regarded as the most educated and capable leader of India. But his age doesn’t make him to stand for Congress party as their PM candidate.

How India is Suffering Under BJP


India is suffering and Kashmir is bleeding plus economy worrisome and joblessness increased under BJP. This time had congress won in 2019 then there would’ve have been a major development in India. The Congress party has been ignored by majority as people wanted to support BJP upon Narendra Modi’s magic of speaking about Pakistan. What happened in Maharashtra when BJP spoke about the abrogation of article 370. Abrogation of article 370 in Kashmir was out of context to make it the campaign for winning seats in Maharashtra. Thus, BJP will suffer more if they misused their strategies to talk only about communal subject.

After Congress Party lost, BJP made changes since 2014 to hurt Indians More


It has been three years since the demonetization and India is under trouble still. PM Modi told earlier that with demonetization BJP wants to erase corruption. That never happened and black money issue not resolved. Nothing mattered to the people of black money with demonetization and black money people have never suffered. Joblessness increased. Because of demonetization economy affected and much more disasters happened.


Today, there was yet another case of mob lynching in Jharkand happened and BJP ignored it. Under Congress party rule there was not a single case of mob lynching happened. Moreover the economy was growing in fast pace.

Khalid M Raza

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