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Curfew in Kashmir keeps Children with health problems

After abrogation of article 370 and imposition of curfew in Kashmir, it was learned that Children are in trouble. More than Lakhs of Kashmir people of Indian Occupied region are in deep health problems currently. Armed forces are supposed to be killing the people in the valley. People are harassed by total black out. They’re kept without their social rights.


Schools and Mosques are closed as such people and Children are in deep health problems and eventually death toll rising. Adults might keep patience without facilities but Children denied to go school are highly affected. Physically and mentally the Indian government is troubling Kashmir people by imposing curfew.


The Indian government should know that by revoking article 370, they did a biggest blunder. Prime Minister of India should also visit Kashmir and see what’s happening there. It’s India’s worst matter that needs to be solved.

How long should the people wait to make things happen if not in their favor but to get rescued. United Nations should start taking the rescue operations to make Kashmir a peaceful place. Narendra Modi hasn’t been listening to the Indians and Pakistanis. He should be held responsible for creating the place as the worst to live. Being in their native place, the Kashmir people are without social rights and facilities. The matter is highly objectionable.


If India can’t do good to the people of Kashmir then they also shouldn’t keep them suffering. It’s high time that Indians should start raising their voices and make the BJP realize their mistakes. Curfew should go off immediately and things should come to normal otherwise India will be in worries.

Khalid M Raza

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