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Fake news on prostitution created by Indian media on Pakistan makes no sense

Indian Media including a top online channel created a lengthy report on export of brides from Pakistan to China. They also numbered it to 639 girls and from Christian community and were sold to Chinese men since 2 years. It was a fake propaganda against the present Pakistan govt and to which Indian media started targeting since a decade. More fake news have been on rise since 2014 and greater number since BJP elected again in 2019.


The news moves around with Muslim girls and ends up to make a spicy report by adding christian brides sold to China. It was examined by us and we did our best to find out the fact. The fact is Indian Media benefits more when they talk about Pakistan and so they also target Pakistan towards their favor to current govt. During the Congress rule, Media didn’t supported Congress and was already sold to BJP. Hence, it’s clear that Indian Media is dancing to the tunes of BJP govt.

Fake News Should be Curbed

It’s so important for journalism to be factual and to the point without writing by hard work just to blame someone. If Media blames Pakistan or creates fake news about the neighboring country then it’s so easy to believe. People of India look for such reports to share to their friends by claiming “look what Pakistan is doing?”.

Media takes advantage of the mindset of Indians. Mindset of Indians changed by the BJP govt towards blaming Pakistan for everything. And mock the neighbors for the sole reason of enmity and hatred. Indian Media never shows how bigger prostitution rackets are in India and also operate easily. Mumbai openly have millions of prostitutes and media has a blind eye over them and the govt never does anything. Rehabilitation of prostitutes in India should be taken care of first then talk about others. It’s understandable that if anything bad happens in Pakistan then we will be pleased to know. But fake propaganda should be lessened if not stopped.

Khalid M Raza

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