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Hate speeches never help in politics for educated politicians

Talking about Narendra Modi, he delivers hate speeches only on Pakistan while Congress and AIMIM leaders do that differently. In 2019 election campaign Narendra Modi used the prefix Chowkidar in his twitter handle. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi misused it claiming “Chowkidar Chor Hai”. He was left with legal proceedings against him on a defamation case filed against him by BJP. The court did not saved Rahul Gandhi on calling the BJP’s PM candidate as watchman is thief. Instead the decision to arrest Rahul Gandhi was finalized but was reserved. He’s free however and it didn’t help him either on his hate speeches against BJP.


“Chowkidar Chor Hai” means the watchman or security guard is thief. And in another instance the AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi and his brother used to call Narendra Modi as Chai Wala. “Chai Wala” means tea seller. Riding on talking about opposition with hate speeches will never help to form a secular govt. Narendra Modi did not say against AIMIM and Congress but he rode his luck by his speeches against Pakistan. Overall, his intention was to hurt Muslims to please Hindus to form his govt. Therefore, he become a famous personality of India. Even though he is a failure in politics and in the process failed to impress the educated Indians. Educated Indians want results in favor of the nation. Nation’s progress is always in the minds of educated Indians.

Hate Speeches of different levels


Narendra Modi failed to conquer the hearts of educated Indians with his divide and rule policy. Furthermore, he let India down as in cricket, the captain and the coach are responsible for the series of losses in cricket matches. Cricket Captain will be criticized over his captaincy for not winning matches. Thus, Narendra Modi as per cricket failed to win a single match for India. Even though he used sledging but couldn’t claim wickets to lift his team. Here, the cricket team is the entire India and his ‘sledging’ means hatred of Pakistan. Politicians need to talk about uplifting the country and the country’s economy without bothering about hate speeches against oppositions.


However, by blaming Pakistan on every matter, the BJP pleased Indians and won again and returned to power. Even after failing in leading the country towards progress. Their hate speeches are of different levels and all against Pakistan.

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