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Creative talented man struggled in his entire life to achieve his goals – Script

Time belongs to no one when it gets passed away. We need to know about some creative people, who struggle throughout their lives and ended up tasting death. This script dedicated to one such individual, who lived his life for about 80 years having creative abilities. He was highly talented in different fields and wrote more than dozen Urdu novels but his fortune not favored him. During his entire life of 80 plus, he used work always. And had to leave the world because his life’s journey was complete by then. Couldn’t also lived at least his final years of his life’s journey as successful person. Low profile with high class abilities, his soul passed away after 80 years. But, he worked hard throughout his life and achieved nothing and a decade back tasted death without any accomplishment.

It’s not good to disclose his name and the history of his family as he is no more now. The man has passed away already. And left with the people, who know him the great memories of his creative works. If you want to know more about this man then you need to visit this post again because we will update this post frequently. This post will be updated as per further information about the creative personality from his only Son, who lives in Hyderabad.

Creative Man Not Rewarded


Well, his honesty was never rewarded by the company, where he worked as a bill collector on lower salary. We will let you know about his character and much more, later. He worked for survival and in his free time he used to write Urdu books. His passion to do something to become famous was indeed his intent and yet he failed to accomplish his vision. He was so much attached to his entire Muslim family that he used to remember every other Child’s date of birth. Relatives understood him and his Urdu poetry used to be sung in the functions and parties by the Orchestra. He left the world without making his talent to flourish. There are still many of his books in his son’s bookshelf, which we would definitely release soon.


Known to the people as the calm and humble character this man also used to speak in lower tone. Many of his works include: Writing, suitcase making, Jam producing, Sweet dishes preparation and Pickle making etc. However, he did his best to make a mark and be successful and start making money but unfortunately he didn’t got the exposure. With just a brief knowledge on him you’ll not be satisfied but you can know more about him. (Post Will Be Updated Soon).

Khalid M Raza

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