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How to write poetry using simple English words for beginners

How to write poetry is so simple that, if you read this article, you’ll know about. However, a poet is a person, who dedicates his time not always to earn through his poetry. But for self motivation and satisfaction. He or she might be highly satisfied if they write good poetry using simple English. Poet’s age maybe as lower as just about 7 years old, when they feel to write something creative. Their creative abilities, they used to show at first to their parents if not to their siblings.

Well, it’s good that you have clicked our link to know how to write poetry using simple English words. However, with the help of dictionary and synonyms in the MS word, you can use attractive words as well. Let’s know how to begin writing a good poem.

For example if you want to write upon your father then here it goes…

You love you mother and father and you want to write for example a poem for your father. When in love with your father, how to start the first stanza?

Let’s see:

Let us Start with How to Write a Simple Poem

“My father cares me a lot”, seems good phrase and you need to complete it. Furthermore, if you complete the poem as a rhyme then it will sound good to you as a beginner.

My father cares me a lot

He is always in my thought

Now think again does the above two stanzas make sense. Why not? So be expressive.

Now comes a thought for you to write more stanzas based upon the above two. Here you should think of a word that fits well for the poem that you want to dedicate to your father. Start thinking alphabetically from A to Z. If you can’t find a word that starts with “A”, then use “B” and so on.

My Father cares me a lot

He is always in my thought

I guess something for me he brought

Oh my God I love my father

So deep from my heart as it matter

Father is my guide

He can take me to a ride

My father comes home late

But for him I always wait

Then we hug each other

And we love each other

Loving father never feels tired

For me he …

(Think here what to write and what word to choose to complete the stanza rhyming “tired”).

I love his funny behavior

Always I find him as my savior

The End.

Now you know how I mixed the words and wrote stanza by stanza. With minimum effort I compiled a not too short poem but it’s complete now. Feel the creativity in you as a poet and keep writing simple poems. If you’re consistent then one day you’ll become a best poet. Thereafter, you’ll teach others how to write good poetry, isn’t it? Good Luck.

Khalid M Raza

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