There’s always a reason for us to make things go; as we want them to happen, the way we need to be together without being hurt.  We love each other and being far away from each other’s thoughts, and that creates misunderstandings and a lot more of awe and in deep from our heart we feel hurt.

This book talks all about our life that creates a chance to grab the happiness, and beyond nothing there’s always fun and life is filled with cheers and the magic of love, yet we at some point of time get hurt, and that is unacceptable to us.

And on every day there’s good morning and on the other hand, there’s always good thoughts to begin with and in between the heart break happens and we get hurt.

There’s lot more of Joy in the family of five brothers with their parents need to keep them away from all the bad in this world and they play a role to understand their weakness and keep them in peace and bring for them the good every day, yet these five don’t understand to take up the responsibilities, and they remain as jobless fun loving five, and their parents, both mother and father work and meet the needs of these grown up five and these five understand not to make things happen to help their parents by finding a job as such they study not further, they get trained not further but always want to get entertained, which’s still doesn’t hurt the parents, who are content as the five of their sons keep them satisfied to feel that they might be helpful to them, in the near future, and once they retire from their work, they could see all five working or at least one to help the family get going.

Chapter ONE

The painting and interior work goes on in a big family of seven people, who live in their own way. And their big house of six bedrooms, hall and kitchen built and brought up constructed with lots of deliberation by the head of the family, Ravi, who on the whole belongs as an asset to all six, and these six are his wife Karuna, and five sons; Kishore, Kiran, Kirti, Krishna, and Kamath.

Well, there’s lot of joy that surrounds this family and being married since 25 years, Ravi and Karuna needs to celebrate their 25th marriage anniversary and for that the works carry on to get finished for their best day and the happiest day together to say silver jubilee scheduled on 27th December and there’s not much time left as November is beginning to end.

The countdown begins, and all five sons been busy and look happy to take further some work to get ready to give lots of respect and love with best wishes and an award as gift to their parents on their 25th wedding anniversary.

All five sons of Ravi are under the age of 24 and are 18 plus and eligible for further studies, but already they all quit their studies for some reasons and are also jobless. Hence, in all this scenario Kishore, being the eldest needs to find a job at least but he’s happy that both his parents are working and he is content with what he gets monthly as pocket money from his parents, and he spends in his friend circle and his younger brothers follow what he does, and they too get pocket money to feel comfortable with and live life as per their wish, and needs no further financial help from their parents as each of them get a sufficient amount of money every month from their parents, and for some reason, their parents never scold their sons even if they are wrong and they just spend an hour with all five and relax in their room and go to sleep every night early and they need to wake up early to get ready for the job, and they work in the same company so they are happy being together and they keep patience as they know their sons might one day realise the responsibilities of life, and may one day wake up to find jobs and at least one does that as the parents think, then the game is on for all to follow and it’s going to be anybody and Kishore needs to keep his steps on the ladder of success first as its preferred and they both husband and wife love each other and also love their sons and are in patience every day that they count and pray for the better future of their sons, and never get hurt by the behaviour their sons do by making all mess in their home, and Karuna cleans the home and cooks for no reason a nutritious and tasty food, without keeping a cook at home and that saves her money and they do not have dish washer or toilet cleaner at home, and responsibly to help Karuna her hubby Ravi cleans the toilets daily.

Chapter TWO  

It’s the morning of 27th December and the couple being parents to five of their loving sons, needs no mention at all to be as role models for others, who live their life getting sacrificed upon their children and they don’t bother to push their sons and show them a direction, where from they can get a job and keep earning and such that if they do so, they might feel guilty that their old age needs their sons earned money to live a better retired life.

Thinking too much about this, the parents feel tentative and carry on with the things as they come in their way.

While the all five sons don’t bother too much about their birthdays celebrated or not but are busy in decorating their sweet home for the silver jubilee wedding anniversary of their parents. About 25 will be the guests to attend the party and these 25 include some friends as well and importantly a few close relatives.

There, it’s the time that makes all the difference as such climbing the stairs up to the terrace Karuna falls down, and her foot gets fractured as it could be seen lot of swelling on her right foot and immediately she was taken to a hospital, where her treatment starts and the wedding anniversary gets cancelled. She gets operated and feels better and carries on to be under treatment and on sick leave, she takes bed rest in the hospital. There, the guests already get informed the party’s cancelled they visit her to show their feelings as a large number of visitors to the hospital for a single patient gets witnessed.

Ravi to take care of his wife along with his five sons, takes a leave of about couple of weeks and being restless in the hospital gets relaxed as his wife gets discharged and back to home, and slowly she starts using walker and then about to recover soon.

Seeing his father doing all household chores, such as washing all family members’ clothes, making breakfast, lunch and dinner, Kishore the eldest son assigns each of his four younger brothers to do their own work as such make tea and wash their clothes and get ready their beds, seeing his mother using the walker and helping his father, he feels guilty as well as becomes a better thinker.

All five now, spend their time a lot more with their parents and never get to listen from their parents about what they need to do for their bright future.

Karuna recovers and resumes her duty, and soon things get better for the Ravi Kumar’s family and they try to live to be responsible for doing their own household work and take off the burdens of job and household work from the parents, they then spend some time being busy at home keeping things in order, later on they move ahead with following the rules of living a peaceful life at home and outside, yet not concerned about their future.

Ravi Kumar cannot believe that his sons getting better each day and so his wife Karuna feels.

Karuna and Ravi return to their home from their job a bit late and they find four of their sons playing carom board game, and one was missing, and it looked like Kamath maybe somewhere in the washroom or in the kitchen. Without disturbing their four sons, who seems enjoying a lot, both the old couple go straight quietly to their room and pick up the phone and call Kamath as to find out where’s he? Instead of Kamath picking the phone his friend answers the phone call, and surprisingly Ravi gets shocked to listen feminine voice saying him, “Hello I’m Nisha speaking, may I know for what purpose you called Kamath, Uncle?”. Kamath’s Dad just to find how Kamath is doing and finds out he is enjoying with his girlfriend Nisha, and they both were watching movie, that’s it, and he reports this to Karuna, and she also feels not worried and she was neither happy nor shocked with what’s going on.

They both feel nothing to relax and so they say nothing more than talking about their most tiring day and fall asleep. 

The four brothers also feel tired and finish off the game of caroms and go to sleep at their respective rooms.

At late night the doorbell rings frequently and for many times, and no one gets up to open the door, and so a moment later the doorbell wakes up Ravi and Karuna, and both together without thinking anything walk out from their room and open the door to find that Kamath was waiting restlessly, and he looking at his parents without any bother or getting embarrassed shouts at them, “I’m waiting since half an hour to come in! and nobody opened the door on time I cannot believe what type of parents you both are?”, and he straight walks in to his room and there he goes to the washroom.

Both the old couple in patience without saying anything, again go to bed and try to sleep.

Soon, Kamath knocks the door of the room of his parents, not to ask for forgiveness but he says, there’s nothing in the kitchen for him to eat as he’s feeling hungry. Karuna gets up and prepares some good food for him and serves him. And both the parents take rest in their bedroom.

Soon, again Kamath knocks the door and he was happy to eat and smilingly says, “thanks mom, I love you, and it was good tasty food you provided me, I’m happy to eat, and now I can sleep well”, listening this both the parents feel nice and take rest only to get up early in the morning for their respective jobs.       

While the old lady busy in preparing the breakfast for all, Ravi enters the Kitchen and prepares tea and after having their breakfast and tea and they leave enough cooked meals for their grown up children and off they go to their duty together, and while working there; both with sleeplessness, suffer from headache but with lot of patience they work nicely and return home tired.

This time they find all five together having dinner, and they join them and feel good.

Chapter THREE

Kiran was having fun with his friends and was walking along with them in a park, there he finds Kamath sitting there with a pretty girl, who’s none other than Nisha, Kiran and his friends come closer to the lovers in the park and there he yells at Kamath, and says “I see you enjoy this way and so you don’t play games with us”. Looking at Kiran furious Nisha gets annoyed even more with the word ‘enjoy’ and leaves Kamath and walks away, Kamath cannot stop her, and she drives away to her home nagging at Kiran.

Kamath calls Nisha many times, and finds out after a moment that she eventually picks his phone and he convinces her that his love towards her was kept hidden by him from everyone, and his brother Kiran incidentally found them having a good time and was shocked and said something, which was not only annoying to her but also to him as well, “please do forgive him”. Nisha agrees to accept Kamath’s words and calls him to meet her dad. Kamath, without thinking too much follows the instructions and reaches Nisha’s home, and there her dad humiliates him by saying Kamath is fit for nothing and at the of 19 Kamath should have been studying his graduation and as he does nothing, he gets embarrassed, and leaves Nisha’s home all of a sudden without even having a cup of tea. Nisha comes running towards Kamath and explains him to do something, and plan for his good career, there on her father will get impressed and they both can marry after Kamath gets capable to find a job and then they both can live an independent life. After listening to her; Kamath takes a cab and comes back to his sweet home, where his four elder brothers were found discussing something. It looks something fishy to him, and he wants to know what’s going on. They, then laugh a lot and tease him a lot about his affair. Kamath gets unhurt and retorts to them that “mom and dad already know about Nisha, and there’s nothing to worry”, he then moves towards his room and onto his bed and keeps thinking about why people do job or why they want to earn, when everything is available so easily, and there’s no reason as such to earn money as his mom and dad are always there to help him financially if at all he needs more money to spend on Nisha; while he thinks deeper, he finds himself about to sleep, and without closing his room’s door he goes to sleep early.

Thereby he gets up early the next day, and feeling hungry he goes near to the kitchen and finds his parents busy in washing plates and utensils and were found making breakfast and tea as he looks for few minutes from a short distance. His presence there near the kitchen gets noticed to his parents and they tell him to take a seat on the dining table after brushing his teeth and washing his hands while the breakfast gets ready and they all three of them do breakfast then.

They do breakfast together, and after tea break as well there seems all silence and one by one, two of them go to their room and get ready. Kamath was left thinking, and he was left alone and his idle mind keeps him worried. His parents by saying “see you later Kamath” off to their duty and on the way they speak with each other a lot and only about their work and nothing else.

Kamath waits for his all four brothers to wake up and in the meantime, he calls Nisha as he’s feeling bored. At that time Nisha was sleeping and her phone was switched off.

Kamath feels frustrated and walks out of the home and meets shopkeeper, and starts chatting with him. The shopkeeper brings to his notice that why people work to earn and why it’s necessary to do a job and start a business to earn money and diverts his mind towards his parents as why they both are working to earn and living in hardship?

Kamath thinks a lot and understands to what the shopkeeper told him and he feels the urge to do a job and back to his room he gets ready and then begins his journey hunting for job, and this way everyday he wakes up and does the same for a couple of weeks and couldn’t able to find a job and he discloses all about himself and about his hardworking parents to Nisha, and Nisha guides him to find a job in a proper way by contacting the job consultancies. There on he, one day gets a call from a visiting card making company and he gets hired there as a marketing executive and starts earning.

Chapter FOUR  

The company in which Kamath gets a job, is of visiting card, brochures, and much more of a moderate printing company, where his job is to approach small businesses and do marketing and get orders as such he gets busy.

One day when his first salary date about to approach, he was told by his employer to open a bank account and he talks to his father about opening a bank account as told by his employer, his father with joy guides him to open a bank account and soon he gives his bank account details to his company.

There, a nice and satisfied working day for Kamath comes to end it happens on the first of February and he receives a message on his phone that some amount is credited into his bank through his current company and he shows to his parents that his salary about 10k rupees has been in his account and he wants to buy a wrist watch with that amount for himself.

As it goes well, and after every first of every month Kamath spends upon himself only, buying things online comes to his mind thereby and he proceeds with more options, and father and mother getting older, and they can only wish happiness for their sons, and nothing more they can do than providing the pocket money every month to their sons including Kamath as well; even though he’s working.

One day Nisha meets Kamath on a sunny Sunday and guides him to save money and do not purchase any product that’s not required and buying things just to waste money is no good and there upon he seems being working hard in foolishness. He learns from Nisha to save money, and after a couple of months, he also tries to save the pocket money he gets from his parents, and soon about 50k he saves.

Chapter FIVE

All other four sons excluding Kamath, wonders what’s happening in their home as Kamath is so much busy.

Kishore, Kiran, Kirti, and Krishna, the four elder brothers of Kamath wonder a lot and feel there’s something unusual happening as Kamath seem to them very busy, and they come to know that Kamath is also playing the same role as their parents do.

It’s understandable that father and mother work and take responsibility upon their shoulders to feed their sons and fulfil their needs.

The parents of all the five cannot believe as such that upon Nisha’s advice Kamath gives his saved 50k to their parents, and make them feel something confusing. They say, “My son it’s your money and you earned it and you can build your career with it”. Kamath replies that “I should have given you both my first salary during my early stage of the job, but that did not happen, take this 50k from me as a gift and go somewhere to a hill station or any other good place, and enjoy by taking a holiday from the job you both do, remember if you both enjoy a holiday together then I will be happier and do please live your 15 days with this 50k and live a life as you like for 15 days so that it might give me peace”.

That sounds good to both caring parents and they apply for a 15 days leave and that’s fine as it gets approved by the management. And after a couple of days, they need to leave for 15 days of good time, and they were about to grab a holiday package, Kishore, their eldest son finds himself in trouble and was injured badly as he met an accident and was rushed to the hospital, there in the hospital all six others including Kishore’s parents, who were planning for a holiday have to see their son injured badly and the treatment is underway for Kishore, and after a week he gets well, and needs the bill to get paid, which is exactly 50k.

Both parents, Ravi Kumar and Karuna Devi feel guilty to pay the bill as 50k; as such the money they carried with them is 50k plus as they cancelled their trip and were about to book for their holiday and immediately rushed to the hospital to see Kishore, and that 50k plus they carry with them and from it 50k belongs to Kamath, who told them to go for a holiday, and they feel guilty to pay the bill from it.

They call Kamath and returns him his 50k forcibly and pay then the bill using their credit card.

Chapter SIX

Kishore feels better and back home, Kamath is with him, and all others gathered around both of them and group discussion starts well and ends well.  

Kamath didn’t find a clue to know what to do with the returned 50k by his parents, and he was then told by Nisha to deposit back into his bank, and he does so.

Thereon, the bank finds his transactions do fairly well, and lots of purchases and savings along with 50k debited and in a couple of days get credited. So, the bank offers Kamath a personal loan, without thinking too much he accepts it and every month he needs to pay just 5k for a personal loan of 200k INR.

As Kamath thinks he has much more money with him than he could ever imagine, so he keeps on spending and becomes a spendthrift.

Kishore gets aware of Kamath spending money; now and then and so all get worried and they think Kamath needs a counselling and his parents approach him and give him a long lecture and he listens to what has been told to him by his parents.

Nisha on realising so much energetic boyfriend she sees in Kamath and a lot more about him, she visits his home along with her parents with a proposal for marriage. Mom and dad of Kamath discuss with him for a short moment and agree to make the marriage between his youngest son and Nisha to happen as such there’s no engagement to get organised because there’s always love between both of them and they on coming Sunday will decide the marriage date.

Later on, they by discussing on Sunday, and they come to a conclusion as March 20th fixed as the marriage date, and only a week later. They don’t have much time for the preparation, the other four sons of Ravi also found enjoying what’s happening there in as such more people come during the weekend and there’s lots of fun in and around Ravi Kumar’s home, there they all gathered and feel good and keep things as cool and with ease, they listen music and a few of them dance and the date comes so briskly that they’re busy getting ready.

Chapter SEVEN

The marriage between Nisha and Kamath takes place and guests were busy enjoying and listening to good music and all fun happens, thereon, they have dinner and later on, the bride and the groom sign the agreement to be the life partners to live happily.

Coming back home Ravi Kumar’s family adding one more as Nisha, who was guided to enter Kamath’s room and there she waits for Kamath.

Kamath didn’t know what needs to be done and sits with all his and other family members for a long time.

Both the parents, Ravi and Karuna request Kamath to go and see Nisha waiting for him in his room.

There, Kamath enjoys a lot with his wife, who looks beautiful and they get the best first night, and sleep after a lot of fun, and they get up late from the bed the next day.

Nisha, who used to be fond of bed tea, tries to wake up Kamath and she fails and out she goes and yells at her in laws to make tea for her. Ravi hurriedly goes to the kitchen and brings for his daughter in law a hot tea and some snacks. Without being thankful to him, Nisha takes the tea and snacks and gets back to her room and wakes up again her hubby Kamath and offers him tea. They both enjoy morning tea break.

Finally, all get together to have lunch at 4 pm and after that both Ravi and Karuna being on a leave and their last day of rest, they do all household work, make dinner and much more before going to bed thinking to wake up a bit earlier than usual as they get up unfortunately a bit late this time and hurriedly without doing breakfast they leave their home for the job.  

And in their office they both work separately, though, but in such a way doing office work of different kinds, they both Ravi and Karuna feel tensed as they left their home not that they still didn’t do their lunch but were guilty as well of not making the breakfast for their sons and daughter in law. They both on office tea on about three-time tea complete their hours of duty and feeling hungry and come home being tired to see all sitting at the dining table eating outside food ordered on using Swiggy app by Nisha, and they finish all the delicious food and about to have a cup of tea after dinner and they start argument as to who’s going to make the tea.

To their shock, they see Ravi and Karuna standing in front of them and they greet their parents and soon Nisha speaks, “I know my father in law is going to make tea for us” and she laughs, Karuna patiently hears the fun going and being tired and hungry straight forwardly stops her husband to make the tea and she prepares eight cups of tea and they all sit and have the tea. No one asks whether their parents did breakfast, lunch or dinner, and they flock towards their respective rooms.

To take rest as the tea was all they consumed all day, both old persons leave the dining hall and fall on their beds and feeling hungry and without taking care of themselves silently they go to sleep.    

Chapter EIGHT

Kishore, Kiran, Kirti, and Krishna along with Nisha, do the breakfast together made by the heads of the family and they enjoy a lot with a lot of fun and feeling joy without the presence of Kamath, who’s sleeping and off course, the senior working couple missed not as usual by them, and they think their parents might be enjoying the day in their office.

Kamath wakes up and goes to work after having a cup of tea, and it looked a hectic Friday for him as he has to do a lot of travelling on duty. And he feels better when he receives the message later on, on his mobile phone that there’s 10k again credited to his account as his salary gets paid to him on time.

Couple of months passes by and there on a sunny Sunday morning both the old couple sit together and were seem to look worried as their retirement age is not far and within couple of years; they feel they might lose their jobs, and they think a lot and discuss that which only pleases both of them and they start cooking and work a lot at their home, which looks to them as not that much sweet, still they feel it as a sweet home.   

Chapter NINE

Upon getting distracted and abused by the brothers in law, Nisha in order to complaint and keep everything happening around her in Ravi Kumar’s no sweet home now, call her parents to see her and talk to her in laws.

Rushed to Ravi Kumar’s home, in comes Nisha’s parents on Sunday evening; with a surprise visit to start to listen the story that’s all Nisha says to them and all gets gathered and the arguments keep the atmosphere unhealthy.

Nisha’s parents by convincing Kamath, and such that they want Kamath and Nisha to leave the Kumar cottage, which belongs to Ravi Kumar and stay in their home a bit far from these in laws, who according to Nisha respect not each other.

Listening all the bull shit and keeping patience Ravi and Karuna agree to the intentions that the parents of Nisha intend to keep pregnant Nisha along with working Kamath in their so called sweet home and not that of Ravi’s. That’s all not over as Nisha and Kamath start packing and soon they leave and before leaving the home, Kamath hugs his parents and they feel sorry and tell him to take care of Nisha, who’s pregnant and be in touch.

Months passed by and the heads of the family of five sons feel awkward and they want to know about Kamath in particular and about Nisha as well but they hesitate to call them, thinking that Kamath will again give them 50k to enjoy and go for a holiday and so they keep silent and try to speak sweetly with their other four sons, and then irritated Kishore also leaves Ravi Kumar’s home and he reaches Mumbai, and finds an odd job and works there to build his career only to get married.

Shocked to know that two of their five sons already left, the helpless old couple bother not too much; as such one of their friend gives them a good news that Nisha delivers a baby girl and Kamath names her as Kavita; and there they feel better and with patience carry on with their schedule but they were not invited to see their granddaughter, and hence they try to be in peace with Kiran, Kirti, and Krishna and then missing the other two they get tensed and work more to ease their mental stress.

Chapter TEN

Then there comes a day that belongs not only to Ravi and Karuna, but also it belongs to their company as well and as such by felicitating both for their good hard work throughout a lengthy period in the company, and being of same age they get reward of retirement with provident funds they need to leave their so called company that kept them busy, and they happily return home to find their three sons, waiting for them for dinner.

They feel restless and hungry as the food cooked for lunch and dinner during the pre-breakfast time by their mother was so tasty that by the evening time that’s gotten over, and nothing left for their dinner.

Both of them as helpless mother and tired father say sorry to their sons for being late and then they carry on to proceed to cook the dinner.

By the time dinner gets ready the three of them watch television and they happen to see a television serial, where they see parents scolding on a very high pitch and very angry 

upon their two little kids for a minor mistake done, and that’s not embarrassing at all and these nuts cannot understand even that being shown on the television. There’s dinner gets ready and all the three eat hurriedly, and in the mean time without saying anything to their sons they quietly take rest in their bedroom and were feeling sad about the loss of their jobs. One day, they need to retire and so they get retired, and thinking too much they try to sleep but can’t. The night begins to end after the midnight and still they cannot sleep, so they take out some sleeping pills, and try to take the pills to get up late the next day but they can’t do so because they need to make breakfast for their sons, and they do so not and keep the pills back, and think a lot, and talk to each other about their loving life, when they were young married couple, there on they sleep not and get ready to make breakfast; for they know only one thing in common to keep their children happy even though their children are grown up and can take care of themselves but with all such thoughts they remain peaceful at home with patience.

The three brothers now feel something cool as they see their parents at home, and they get to know that their mom and dad retired and so they feel that the game is not over because they feel insecure being with their old parents at home always and when they go out they used to say “bye dad, bye mom” and when they return home on frequent times they see their mom and dad sitting and doing nothing.     

This sort of routine goes on and their wish to see their granddaughter gets not fulfilled as neither Kamath bothers to call his parents nor Nisha wants to speak to her in laws, thus, they also miss Kishore, who got married and was working in a hotel as a waiter, and he’s busy and he realises the importance and mission of life and keeps saving his hard earned money for his wife Sonia and his child, who haven’t seen the world yet, as Sonia is still 7 months pregnant.

There’s ups and there’s downs and Ravi and Karuna lives a retired life not happy at all and after they were humiliated by their three sons on frequent occasions at their own home, they feel hurt a lot. However, they keep patience for a while and they get a call from their eldest son Kishore, who says that he is coming back home with his wife and newly born child to stay for a week with them all. This news gives both a bit of happy treat but they’re still hungry to see how’s Kamath and his child and their daughter in law Nisha doing?

So with all the wait that’s all they need to do, they meanwhile visit Nisha’s home on a Sunday evening as on Monday, Kishore’s going to come home for a short visit.

At Nisha’s home they get lot of pain and still bother not and wait for their grandchild to wake up so that they could see the baby.

Furious to know the parents of Kamath are in their living room, the father of Nisha comes in front of them and says few bitter words and says them, how they brought up Kamath as he doesn’t know the basics of living a proper life and he made lots of loss to them by using loan money and investing in gambling and much more and for this they paid the banks a lot to set him free from frequent bank calls and what not?

Ravi and Karuna feel embarrassed and about to be very sorry for what all Kamath did, and as they speak a word or two; they were shown the exit and parents of Nisha keep shouting at them “out, get lost from here, you don’t know how to train good manners and better thoughts and educate the children and a lot more, and you idiots spoiled already Kamath and will spoil Nisha’s child as well, so go get lost!” listening this they feel sad and return to their home, and wait for what Kishore’s wife would say. But, they can’t have that much energy as such they get bothered now only about their rest of the life and feeling hurt, they together with good money in their banks they both move to a new city and there they throw their phones and live together happily and still they feel hurt as the way they worked so hard but they were kicked out from their daughter in law’s home and were insulted by their three sons, time and again, feel hurt. Kishore arrives and listens all their story and about the incident at Nisha’s home from the three of his younger brothers and he too feels hurt.

Kishore then cancels going back, stays with his three brothers without Kamath and his parents, and they four wait every day for the return of their loving and caring parents, and miss a lot about their every moment spent with their mom and dad, and there on they get taught the lessons of life, and they all four live lives practically. Along with Kishore and his family, the three learn a lot looking at how their sister in law looks after the child and the care she provides to the baby and much more.

Learning and understanding life on their own the three brothers along with Kishore start doing business to earn and live an organised life.

One day Kishore gets an idea and he along with three others, publishes in the newspaper about their missing parents along with the pictures and he also reports to the police with a request as such feeling desperate to see them.

With lot of efforts to know about their parents; while bringing their grocery business to success they find their parents, who look healthy and fine and they feel happy to see them. They feel better every day by keeping their parents busy in enjoying their lives and they work hard and their parents relax a lot and the wife of Kishore takes up the responsibility to cook the best food every day.

Thus, Sonia always get appreciated by her in laws and Nisha is nowhere near to their thoughts, and they do not care about the losers and at that moments of happy life they’re experiencing they think not about others, who already left this at present sweet home and home that belongs to the entire family and the home, where the old people worked and worshipped and kept their sons happy always. The home that brought cheers when Kishore was born and then Kiran, Kirti, Krishna, and Kamath. The home was happy with the togetherness of all seven. And thus, it’s clear that the home belonged to more; than to less, but it happened as such the three who needs to be with Ravi and Karuna being Kamath, Nisha, and Kavita lost their space in their golden world with every moment as pure as a diamond. They lost not to be in this best home and now eight altogether living a joyous life and are feeling better.

The news spreads around the neighbourhood of Ravi’s home that there’s lots of fun going on and the family is happier and the neighbours cannot believe that Ravi Kumar and Karuna not even cleaning a cup to notice that the old couple enjoying a lot and are free from all hassles and as guests neighbours visit the Ravi Kumar home more frequently and find happiness to see the house is enlightened with all one and everyone bothers only about each other’s good and they all work except Ravi and Karuna, and this way while they were in patience throughout their life, they now enjoying being the parents and grandparents to Kishore’s child.

As it’s heard about a happy home there now with eight persons living happily, Kamath and his wife Nisha along with Kavita make an entry to surprise the happy all eight seen together in cheers, and then they come home not to be with the eight happy people but to ask for forgiveness and they get rewarded with what they wanted and they have no option but to go back as there’s no space for them in the Kumar cottage, feeling hurt they go back, which obviously mattered a lot to Kamath and his family but they’re helpless and live in their own world without bothering again to the happy eight, and they have to live in a bit of bother as they get isolated and that hurts them a lot.

Khalid M Raza

Image: Pixabay

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