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Hyderabad woman not raped while others burnt after raped to mislead with clues?

The rape & murder of Dr PR (Name Changed) was a gruesome act in Hyderabad that needs further investigation. If you think that the perpetrators have committed this heinous crime not once but since a long time then you’re right.


It is quite likely that the perpetrators might have kidnapped Dr PR. And kept her captive somewhere far from Hyderabad. They might have burnt someone else with PR’s locket around the body’s neck in Hyderabad. And threw the scarf nearby to mislead the police. Another point is the perpetrators normally destroy the evidence away. Thus, it makes sense to understand that the act committed was serious but was reported otherwise. It must be out of the sight of any passerby but they preferred to burn the body under the culvert. Again it’s to believe that way as how it was easily spotted by the milkman?


Also if the body been burnt far away from the highway NH44 near Hyderabad, it would been discovered much later.

Hyderabad Woman Missing & Alive?

Somehow, the real victim might be alive. Police and rest of the people have been misled by the culprits with their mastermind act. The case of rape and murder should be investigated further. If not then the culprits have achieved what they intended for and would commit more crimes. Let’s hope that Dr PR is alive and rescued from the filthy men as soon as possible. This might be the truth that should come out and lead towards rescuing Dr PR. Further, another woman was found dead under similar circumstances on the outskirts of Shamshabad area. Shamshabad is within Hyderabad surroundings.


The racket might be bigger than suspected and killings of women shouldn’t be taken lightly. Point here is why the criminals left clues after committing the crime? Nobody knows what’s their intentions are or were. Do they kill and make believe the police the other way. It’s horrible to know women get raped, killed and burnt without fear. Dr PR should be reached if she’s alive as it looks like and she should be rescued. Matter is not restricted to Dr PR but it involves killing of many other women to follow by the “serial killers”.


The arrested suspects are in Hyderabad police custody and are not hanged to death yet. They might have reportedly confessed to their crime or made to do so. Obviously, we as citizens hold the rights to know the authenticity of the crime committed by the four suspects. Are these four culprits have a background on large with their criminal leaders not get caught? Yes, there is a possibility that with so much of furor and pressure around, the police have given their record achievement. And that is they did their job in less than 24 hours by taking the credit for prompt action. It might be possible that with the arrests, suspects could be made to confess to the crime? Anything is possible.

An inside story from Hyderabad!

Khalid M Raza

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