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I lost in your heart and I search Myself

I lost in your heart and I search Myself

When I searched I breath with Yourself

What I wanted to think about

You are always in my thought

Where I can go from your heart

I’m yours and you are mine

Night has brightened with your shine

I got frightened with your align

What I need to do for You

So that you think I love You

The pleasures of being with You

Makes my day seeing it’s You

Look at me at once for a while

Face to face give me a smile

Take your heart and give it to me

I’ll keep it safe, leave it to me

Break the barriers

Kick the worriers

Be happy to find me in your heart

Touch me and feel my presence in your heart

I’m not away from You

My heart belongs to You

Things may come towards Joy

You are one with whom I can Enjoy

Feelings are good that you touched me

Teachings are good that you taught me

Live with me and be happy

Never again make me worry

Worries are not being with you

Let me join you to start living with you

Yet another loving English song, which can be read as such in a tone as if to sing and feel:
I lost in your heart and I search Myself

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