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Imran Khan talks on inhumane 24 day curfew in Kashmir

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan talks to awaken the people residing in Pakistan to show solidarity with Kashmir. He said the entire Pakistan is ready to help the Kashmir people over the oppression from India. 24 days of curfew in Kashmir led to the loss of lives and harassment for social rights carries on. Denying the Kashmir people to live peacefully is what India has been doing more since 24 days.


It’s highly objectionable to Imran Khan and he has become the ambassador of Kashmir to express India’s oppression. Tomorrow is Friday and the Pakistani people were told to spend their half an hour to stand and show solidarity to the people of the valley.


India continues to deny that they did anything wrong with the people of J&K. Indian government and the media says that there’s peace in J&K but why the curfew not lifted is the main question. Many questions when asked to the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi were ignored. And he’s totally screwing and making efforts to eliminate peace in the northern region of India. It is high time that all Indians should realize that fascism will not work in favor of India.


Imran Khan talks about the daily killings and causing trouble to the women and children in Kashmir. He said it’s a war crime that the Modi government is currently doing. This will not end unless Pakistan takes any action over the issue.

Khalid M Raza

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