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Imran Khan’s China trip will play key role after his visit to Saudi Arabia again

Successful China Trip of Imran Khan

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s trip to China ended with lots of options for the peacemaker. He’s so called a peacemaker because he returned Indian Pilot Abhinandan as a peace gesture but India took it in negative way. Wing Commander was captured by Pakistan from India’s fake Balakot air strike, which had not killed any terrorist but trees were damaged.


After abrogation of article 370, India told China to not interfere in India’s internal affair. However, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi keeps on troubling the people of Kashmir for their no fault. Kashmir people are suffering under India’s onslaught with curfew and much more.


Imran Khan’s invitation to the world for investment to get benefited for profits with their business in Pakistan tells a story. This story can say that Pakistan is currently a terror free country. While India wants Pakistan to be black listed.

The FATF will soon declare Pakistan not in black list but in the grey list. Indian media started Bilawal Zardari’s speeches in their TV channels as the most favored because he used to speak against PTI. PTI is Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s party (Pakistan Tahreek e Insaaf).


Imran Khan’s Next Moves

After successful visit to China, Imran Khan is now planning to make Pakistan as tourism country. He will then look again on India to start a dialogue to restore peace in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Even then again Narendra Modi never wants to talk to Pakistan then there’s a lot India can face. World will then react as not only about problematic Kashmir but about problematic India.


Since about six months Mr Khan is busy over speaking about the problems of Kashmir but now the time has come to react. Mr Khan will not speak about Kashmir after his visit to Saudi Arabia and Iran but will take action. Khan will become the first leader of Pakistan to fight against India over India’s “internal matter”.  

Moreover, India is readying for a war against Pakistan and that is planned to be possibly start from May 2020. But, Pakistan has been successful to convince China about not to worry about Hong Kong and join Pakistan to make South Asia peaceful. Furthermore, Imran Khan is willing to give visas to visit Pakistan at the airport itself.

India in Trouble Over Kashmir Issue

India is not sitting pretty over Kashmir atrocities that they started after August 5. They’re now caught in a web of their own spiders. Indian PM is worried and thinks that he has hurt himself with his own hammer. Hindu religion was never in trouble nor will be in trouble if Mr Modi speaks truth. In his speeches if watched step by step, any Indian will be shocked as one time he says something and takes U turns.


As Pakistan started their campaign in August 2019 to make Indian Occupied Kashmir as the peaceful State, they gained momentum now. So, the resolving power of Mr Khan will be successful and Mr Modi will be in trouble. After all the truth will be the winners.

Khalid M Raza

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