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Imran not ready to fight for justice says Pakistanis as Imran turns coward

Mr Imran not only since past six months issued warnings to the world but also said he will fight for justice to Kashmir people. And now Pakistanis are loud and clear to say their PM as coward. Again it’s a major victory for the Narendra Modi’s BJP government and that too by disappointing Pakistanis. Imran not only disappointed the people of Pakistan but also the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir.


Many reports from the mouths of the Pakistan learned from YouTube that Imran Khan has given up and surrendered. This shows the intention of the Pakistani PM that he took a U turn. Thus, a maximum of five years of his rule will not do any better for Pakistan. Already more than a year passed by since Khan formed govt in Pakistan with a big victory to his PTI. But, another four years will be more troublesome to him and it will take Pakistan nowhere.


Mr Khan was the best cricket captain that Pakistan could ever had but a failed Prime Minister for Pakistan. Reports also say that he wants to save human lives if he starts a fight for justice. On the other hand, the Kashmir people are at the receiving end of atrocities from India’s fascist govt.


It’s sad that PM Imran Khan is tired of talking only about Kashmir and he did played his role but very minute. He stressed for the Kashmir people and revealed what’s happening there but then he took U turn. However, Imran not all in the big picture now but has been abused by his own people.

Khalid M Raza


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