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Independence Day celebrations in India have great values this way

A Set of guidelines needs to be issued for Independence Day celebrations. These guidelines should be carried out in all states and Union Territories across India this way:

The least that India could do this time during 2020 Independence Day celebrations is to provide 4G to Kashmiris. This will ensure the people of Kashmir that Indian govt is with them at least during India’s 74th Independence Day.

However, without any guilt, the Indian Army troubling and harassing the Kashmiris even more since few weeks. It was reported through independent sources that about 5-6 people killed everyday in Kashmir since abrogation of article 370. The crimes growing even more at present. These crimes never had taken place or will never take place because of the YouTube facility.

Mostly, online education and businesses in Kashmir depend upon 4G. Thus, India needs not to be guilty in future if any other Force troubles entire India sooner or later. We Indians need to celebrate Independence Day with simplicity and kindness towards one & all.

India at homes today and Kashmir locked up since Aug 5, 2019. India needs to prosper as the third best country in the world. And for this Indian BJP govt should not pressurize Supreme Court anymore.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed India in more trouble. The world excluding more than dozen countries still struggles with the global infectious disease. And nonavailability of vaccine on time. The pandemic pushed many global celebrations and people across the world have become more kind towards humanity. Hope Indian govt BJP learns some lessons sooner than later on.

Khalid M Raza

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