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India lost 900 Billions over Chandrayan 2 loss of communication

India was on a mission impossible and lost almost 900 Billion INR over loss of communication with Chandrayan 2. Yet another failed innings by Narendra Modi in his second term is on the horizon though he was much appreciated. Not only Indian media favors Narendra Modi but also his blind followers, who cannot figure out his ideas. Narendra Modi might claim that he is a great leader to tarnish the image of his neighboring countries while India suffering major recession.

If he cannot fix things by talking to the Pakistan’s Prime Minister over Kashmir issue. Then he shouldn’t opt to make full use of his position to help himself in his personal gains. His personal gains have been highlighted with his mania of foreign trips that has been on since a long time. Soon after he regained power he resumed his foreign tours, which aren’t are any good for the Indian economy. People of India are left jobless and are in trouble including the cruelty to the J&K people. What he has done is not surprising with his failures again and again. Indians are slowly understanding him now and will definitely hit back if he continues to be mischievous.

India Lost

Chandrayan 2 already played a major role for India in losing over 900 Billions and that’s a big mistake. Had the money been used for the poor to uplift them and restore normalcy in J&K then it could have been better. There’s no issue or any mishap or rallies will be carried on or any terror threat in J&K when India can deploy armed forces. No terrorist will attempt to create trouble in India if proper security measures taken up.

Time has come to know about Narendra Modi’s misuse of his PM seat. Let’s think better and stop all his misdeeds that led India towards nowhere. It’s our duty to know our leader better and understand what will we gain by troubling the Kashmir people? Think over again and be aware of more such nuisance going to happen by our beloved illiterate leader. Already India lost so much money with communication lock out in J&K, it’s bizarre to know further losses. We should be awake and know the facts rather than keep praising our misjudged leaders. They’re from BJP and that’s not over yet.

Khalid M Raza

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