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Indian fight against terror just to keep BJP voters pleased

If you’re an Indian then think what’s the BJP government is cooking for you some fake stories. Recently the BJP also told that mob lynching is not an issue to please the people, who already voted BJP. However, people of India are now aware that something is fishy with this current government. When Indian fight against terror continuously highlighted then why BJP doesn’t care about violence and rapes in India? This questions needs some discussion.


The basic funda of the Bharatiya Janata Party and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to please the majority. But, by taking away the better prospects for the country including the majority of population, which has been hurt over BJP schemes. Strategically, it’s important to understand that in the BJP rule the economy has been let behind. Joblessness increased and farmers not get benefited either.

Let’s know what are the BJP government’s plans are. In the next few months banks will be told to cancel the option of using the ATMs. And for the benefit of the government, e-Cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) were banned and the use of single use plastics. It’s astonishing that e-Cigarettes are less harmful than the normal cigarettes.


It’s a simple strategy to make believe Indians by Narendra Modi with his speeches on terrorism only. He keeps talking about terrorist activity and never controls his saffron terror inside India such as mob lynching. Whenever, he has been asked about the atrocities to the people of Kashmir, he used to say it’s India’s internal matter. So, the Indian fight and battle of words’ continues.

Khalid M Raza

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