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Modi awaits Diwali in Kashmir as curfew to be lifted soon

It was learned from fresh reports that India’s PM Narendra Modi awaits Diwali in Kashmir. Further, the curfew will be lifted and the people will come out of their homes. If the people of the valley make a noisy atmosphere then there will be a massacre. Thousands will be killed on the spot and this will be a dream come true for fascist Modi.


Narendra Modi awaits for spotting the women and children to get the onslaught, which he feels they deserve. This is because the Indian Occupied Kashmir people support Pakistan. And Narendra Modi hates Pakistan and Muslims of India. However, he’s a staunch follower of the Gulf Muslim leaders and the Gulf people because they like him. They like Modi because he used to talk all in support of the people of Gulf with the Gulf leaders. Therefore, the Gulf leaders are not against India as Indians are known to be the most hard working people in the Gulf.


Thriving on the hard work of Indians in Gulf, Narendra Modi awaits to please Gulf rulers whenever he gets a chance to meet them. As it’s known that Narendra Modi is regarded as the most frequent traveler and he keeps on doing foreign trips. He even travels across India and delivers hate speeches. He’s regarded as fascist by the US after 2002 Gujarat riots and he was banned from entering the US. After few years, he pleased the US with his foreign policy and gotten revoked the ban. However, it didn’t matter much as in 2014, he took the power as Prime Minister of India.

Khalid M Raza

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