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Modi’s another attack on Pakistan in February again as battle 2020

Prime Minister Narendre Modi’s another surgical strike on Pakistan will do wonders for BJP yet again. It was learned that India is readying to attack Pakistan’s area as February nearing to divert people’s attention. What Indians on the whole want is a full fledged war with Pakistan to teach the neighbor a lesson. And take back Pakistan Occupied Kashmir to pull India towards new heights. But, Modi’s another plan might fail as Pakistan this time is on high alert.


The battle 2020 will be in India’s favor if things go well with India’s well prepared aggressiveness. If India is aggressive against Pakistan then no country in the world will come to help Pakistan. But, Modi’s another worry is China and he thinks China will fight against India on behalf of Pakistan. Further, Modi thinks that if both China and Pakistan retaliate together then February’s battle 2020 will destroy his BJP.


China has planned something like the USA to attack individually. If that happens then Narendra Modi needs to go underground. If Modi’s hiding succeeds then an attack by India over Pakistan will be benefiting BJP. However, Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan is against war and currently battling hard for Pakistan’s progress. FATF is Financial Action Task Force. And it does not matter to him as he believes in what needs to be done irrespective of the outcome. Modi’s another attempt to win the hearts of majority of Indians is attacking Pakistan in February.

Khalid M Raza

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