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Pakistan Progress is Imran Khan approach with good deeds only

Previously Pakistan was regarded as one of the most corrupt nation after Zia Ul Haq’s death. However, Pakistan progress depends in the approach of Imran Khan to take the country out of poverty. This will not happen in a year or two but it will take at least 4 to 5 years more.


Pakistan Progress, Khan’s Approach

Pakistan is in crises since decades and after removing terror from the country it will rise again. But, it requires good deeds from their leader Imran Khan. The deeds maybe his fight for restoring peace in Kashmir or whatever. There are at least three things Khan must do to convince the world about Indian atrocities over Kashmir people. Khan may no longer claim that Pakistanis will wait and see the people of Kashmir in trouble. For a peaceful gain of support from the people of Pakistan Mr Khan should fight for Kashmir.


Next, comes that Mr Khan should remove corruption from his country for the Pakistan progress. Then comes his covering of Muslim nations to get united and fight against Islamophobia. Starting a Television channel like BBC will not resolve the trouble Muslims face in India. When Mr Khan is bothered about Indian Muslims then he should keep doing good deeds cleverly. These deeds should be in accordance with Islam and he should keep the minorities in Pakistan in peace.

Then again he should not keep speaking about India over Kashmir issue and he should himself take action. Depend upon Almighty’s help and work for Pakistan progress.

Khalid M Raza

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