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Rapists in India arrested but not given punishment on what grounds?

Every year since Delhi rape victim’s case media have taken their primary role in bringing rape news highlighted. More rapists have come to be noticed in India while they’ve been in police custody. Indian mainstream media wants such news to get highlighted only to play with the minds of the people. In one such instance, a television channel took video of a lonely small girl of about 13 years standing with a banner. She was supposed to be protesting that she will also be not safe by the rapists as media suggested. The idea of narrating this story by the media is just a ploy to grab television viewers’ attention and TV channel’s popularity.


However, when arrested the rapists in India should be hanged to death. But, the reason is so simple that the police arrests the culprits in about 24 hours to show their prompt action. Yet, they’ll be kept hidden and not brought on to be shown of their ugly faces. This heinous crime has much to do with Indian govt’s policy as the rapists are not exposed. This in turn makes the mainstream media to cover more rape stories as more rapes keep happening in India. Thus, they earn huge money either by favoring the govt or by narrating rape stories in an action packed drama way.


Rapists in India not hanged & Why?

In several Gulf countries more importantly the Saudi Arabia, such crimes won’t happen. The crime rate in India is astonishing as compared to Saudi Arabia’s 2% crime rate. This is because the law in Saudi Arabia is stricter. Some reports even show that in Saudi Arabia the crime rate is as low as equal to null. Rapists in India should be given a stringent punishment in public or hanged to death. It will be too much for Indian govt to adopt Saudi law but at least they can do what the people of India demand.


Delhi rape victim’s parents since 2012 demanded action to be taken against six convicts and the case is still pending. The idea is unknown why in India rapists not hanged to death? It’s such a crime that needs to be stopped instead of television media mulling their selfish reports. Such criminals should be brought in public and given punishment otherwise there will be no stoppage of rape cases.

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