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Romance on peak as lovers get closer in poverty

There’s a cab driver, Mohammed and he has two kids and a caring wife with his beautiful wife, romance always on peak. Both of them love each other and do romance on regular basis.

His kids love him a lot and wait desperately for his return to their home everyday. Kids been dropped and picked up by his wife Sophia and they all three have lunch together. And they get guided by mother Sophia for the school home works and then they play for some time. After that these three including son Saif and daughter Safa wait a lot for their head of the family. The tired cab driver returns home usually everyday at 9 PM.

At 9:30 PM, all these four members of the family have fun having dinner together. Safa loves her father Mohammed a lot and so Saif too. Cab driver’s wife Sophia always finds some time during late night after the kids slept and chats a lot with her hubby. They enjoy the late night moments and they as well get up early and in the morning Mohammed goes on time to his duty.

Mohammed has two brothers and a sister and they all are rich and well educated. However, Mohammed is happy with himself and his family and on every Sunday makes visits to his relatives (Brothers and Sisters). He finds good time and returns home along with his family and makes Sunday a special off day.

Accidental Romance

One day, while he was hunting for passengers (Customers) for rides to make money, his car was smashed from behind by a truck. Flying high over the bridge his car was destroyed and fortunately he was left with minor injuries. Truck driver was immediately arrested by the police and then Mohammed was taken to a local hospital. Within an hour, he gets discharged from the hospital and his family feels better that he was saved and nothing else. However, when she makes calls to all relatives including his hubby’s brothers and sisters, there she finds no better response. Nobody cares to visit Mohammed’s home as they feel let down by he being a cab driver. But, now he’s not a cab driver as he lost his car in the accident and his car insurance was not active.

Accidental Poverty

He’s jobless and can’t earn money for his survival and yet he never asks any money from his relatives. For about a couple of month they live in poverty as they don’t have savings and they still happy. Not at all hurt with their relatives, they keep visiting them as usual on Sundays. What they eat at home is so much painful to know. Their stoves can’t work because of no cooking gas and much more poverty keeps them helpless. They keep the rice for hours in water from morning till evening and consume it uncooked for just a survival.

Love never fades away between them and they’re happy with what they do. Poor Mohammed finds a lender of autos (Three wheeler) and begins driving auto to make money. His wife feels happy and that they got at least something to earn money to live. She hugs him and he then goes out in the morning and comes back home late in the night. Working hard, he starts living a better life and looks happy with his wife and kids. Sophia keeps herself awake till midnight and waits for her hubby to return and there she serves him nice dinner daily. There’s still nothing changes in their lives as they keep on visiting their relatives every Sunday.

The Progress as Romance Makes Things Happen

Life moves on and they live and slowly their kids get grown up. Mohammed’s son Saif gets a good job as he becomes a graduate in marketing and takes care of the family and they now start saving money. Safa also starts working and they live happily and they move to a better house with all facilities and much more. They now keep inviting their relatives to visit them but nobody’s interested to visit them. However, after few years Safa gets married and the family is happier.

Every midnight seems different these days as Mohammed purchases a car and does cab driving while he returns the auto. Why every midnight seems different because Sophia gets ready to receive her husband and in soft dress. They love each other, hug each other and on every midnight. Romance between them and the love between them never dies.

Khalid M Raza

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