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Sanjay Singh insults Narendra Modi over many BJP failures in Parliament

“What’s the enmity BJP has with people of India can’t figure out”. Said Sanjay Singh (MP from Aam Aadmi Party). In the lines of hatred India will not prosper and India will progress with peacefulness only, he further said. Sanjay Singh lashed at BJP and told them to demolish Taj Mahal if they want as they demolished Babri Masjid. And also BJP should demolish many other Mogul made monuments and see what will happen? India has gained reputation in the world from all people of different religions in India and BJP laid India down. Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world.

BJP thinks India will never benefit from Taj Mahal because it was made by Muslim rulers. So, let them demolish all Mogul made monuments and universities.


BJP claimed that they’ll deposit 15 lakhs in the Indian citizens’s accounts but they betrayed all Indians. They provoked the businesspersons, farmers and educational institutions to work upon committing misdeeds. The misdeeds of farmers been their suicides while businesspersons were forced to shut their business. Businesses instead of growing; dealt with huge losses under BJP guidelines. Educational institutions been told to hike the fees. Sanjay Singh criticized Narendra Modi for not allowing the poor or lower middle class people to get educated. Narendra Modi was also accused for depriving youth from gaining education in different fields.

 Sanjay Singh on BJP in Parliament

Sanjay Singh disclosed a shocking story of a dog. He said that to catch the dog of Somnath Bharthi, 40 policemen worked together, which was shameless act. India became independent not easily and many people worked hard and sacrificed their lives to make India independent from British rule. Moguls only did their job and developed India on a large scale and they get hatred from BJP that they deserve not. The Moguls should be appreciated to make India a better place to live.

Mr Singh also worked for AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) as a mentor and is currently the Member of Parliament. In the Parliament he spoke about Arvind Kejriwal also. He said “if Kejriwal provides electricity on half rate and provides water for free then why BJP is against him. Does he needs to explain the BJP govt about his good deeds, which BJP will never listen. It’s the corrupt mind of BJP, who always tries to target Kejriwal without any reason.

Sanjay Singh spoke spontaneously in the Parliament and insulted Narendra Modi. He was also angry over many of BJP’s promises not yet fulfilled for the progress of India. The GDP dropped and joblessness increased and so on.


Indians need better education for their better future but BJP stopped most talented youth from further studies. This is not going to benefit India for better future of Indian youth. 84 % of people in India lost their jobs and it’s a major concern. If jobs were promised by the BJP to the people of India then why joblessness increased? Sanjay Singh was furious while speaking in parliament over BJP’s failures.

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