School of Thought Poetry


It’s of immense pleasure to me if for any reason you read this book of simple poetry; that too quick in time and well written and to be honest, there’s a bit of hard work behind this book as I feel; no matter how popular this book comes out to be, it’s out-and-out a valuable item.

Preference given to the schools to address my poetry to their students as also for the good read and for the parents to their wards and on the other hand; its worth without convincing to highlight the joy you can extract from these beautifully written worth of word’s items.

Written by not a pen or a pencil, but with the help of my moderate typing speed using finger tips; as such what comes in my mind, I did a little bit of entertainment for myself and wrote on the spot while thinking on and on to produce these gems.

As far as I can say these are subject oriented poems hitherto not inclined to send a message or a lesson to the community. However, the poetry book written with the intent to spread knowledge in any case they are beyond anybody’s imagination.

A good thought and a question getting answered are all that apply for each of these poems; written with a bit of my heart’s choice, which is reasonable and meaningful as such entire book is helpful to the kids below the age of twelve.

Poetry is of many forms such that it needs creativity and experiences of different fields of any person behind the writing work to unleash if not the best but something new to be read and get value for money.

                                                                                      Khalid M Raza


One is within you, who can calculate your scoring

One is within you, who can find your caring

One is within you, who can care for your saving

One is within you, who can unlock your locking

One is within you, who can disturb your snoring 

One is within you, who can stop your scaring


Two is made for me as my mom and dad

They make me happy and they make me sad

Two is a single digit number with nice gaps

Two is never a number to fear perhaps

Two is a number, which comes before three

And comes after one to say one, two, and three

Once you are busy you forget two

By getting forgotten, you get loo


Three is like a half eight

Three is never be straight

Three has lot to do

Three thinks always true

Three can make a family

Three can be the enemy

Three is made with five alphabets

Three can clean all three beds

Three makes sense of meaning

Three is seldom at the ending 


Four brothers go shopping

They choose to do shuffling

Although they do purchase

They find them in a tight case

Some help they need to get

Their friends come to help


Nice know the number five

It’s the punch, which makes five

The strength it holds is always alive

Miracle can happen if we are famous five

We need food and happiness to survive

We even need a shelter to live happy life

Enjoying is a part of our life

We need joy in every moment of our life


Some people know goodness about six

Some people only count the number six

Some people to get noticed play some tricks

Double three and triple of two is number six

It can be tricky to know what needs to get fix

Above all by upside down nine looks like six


Number seven gives with it a shade

It also never with it gets fade

Seven’s shade removal makes it look like one

Being without shade you cannot avoid the sun

Seven has only one leg to stand as none

Single seven in the numbers gives you more fun

The seven you look for; belongs to make eleven

The more you remember seven

The more you might be to the haven  


 Two round balls make an eight

Two rounds are never straight

Three in a row gains weight

For the four twice makes eight

To look always on the plate

When hunger calls you to wait


When comes my dad its already nine

Feel anxious until everything’s fine

We call nine a number for busy time

We also call nine a number of time

Nine is similar to six in other way round

Nine is precious time to say around

Nine makes principle

Nine makes sensible  

Nine is a golden number

People take it as a wonder


When ten writes the pen

It never bothers any hen

Ten is a combination

A two-digit equation

Ten eggs make two less than a dozen to pay

A single hen cannot lay eggs more per day

Always a number most liked

Ten is awarded and get prized


You can see the Sea

Blue in sight of you

You find waves every moment in flurry

You need to find the solvent it carry

That’s the way been kind in hurry

You play with sand around the Sea

When you fear waves near the Sea

You can enjoy the wind that blows over you

To avoid cold, you need something to cover you

Tired you go to sleep with your best friend

As all the time you enjoyed fun filled weekend  


Toys aren’t for boys and aren’t for girls too

They are made for kids to find what’s new

Toys more often make you learn for fun

Play with toys in shade and not in the sun

You must be keen to enjoy with any toy

They maybe teddy bear or maybe any toy

With different designs toys aren’t for secret play

While playing you cannot drink milk in perfect way

The prince you may be or a princess you might be 

As long as you have good manners you look like Barbie

And oppositely you can find a prince in you as wealthy

Keep yourself healthy and get up early

Play for a while and go to bed as well early

Every day is filled with the joy

Play not too much with your toy


Apple is a lovely fruit and

it keeps you sit and sing

Apple juice is healthy and

it keeps you sit and drink

Apple is abundant in England

And it never found on the sand

Apple is no more in the snow

Apple tree needs water to grow


A clean nose keeps you breathe healthy

A dirty nose keeps your face filthy

No matter what you do to clean nose

Always use water to wash your nose

Nose is important to your face

You look nice under its shade

Never workout to put your finger in

Wash your nose always before sleeping


A duck in the water

Doesn’t at all matter

What makes the duck fatter

With the duck’s bad odour

When the duck in bad water

It will always be a matter

When your score not a Duck to matter


The ties between English and Aussies are called Ashes

Cricket is a mind game of fortune and soccer of the forces

Wood gets burned to cook sometimes and coal to ashes

Barbeque chicken tastes good and brings fun and there remains ashes

Food on fire always tastes good while on gas to make tasty hot slices 

Ash is used for cleaning teeth and sometimes for cleaning dishes


A rat race may not suit engineers to match that happens all around

You are always a rat even if you win the race that happens all around

A rat never bites you unless it gets the food everyday all around

You still hate a rat to catch it and use pest control all around

A rat is a small living being and needs never your attention all around

Rat stays at your home if you never keep your home clean all around


Dad loves his kids and cares them more

Dad is sometimes happy and sometimes bore

Dad works hard and brings home more

In his leisure time he plays with you more

In his tight schedule he teaches you more

Night time for the dad my mom opens the door

He enters the home feeling tired and looks pure


A sun shines in the day makes the day bright one

A moon on the other hand borrows light for night fun

Stars sparkle inline or spread up above in the sky zen

Not required to dare to visit the sun

Not required to dare to see the sun

Not required to sit for hours under the sun

Daylight and vitamin D you seldom get from the sun


A huge bird brisk walks in the jungle

Hides from enemies keeping head in the middle

Ostriches think no one can catch them from the jungle

So they keep their head down as to hide in the jungle

Nothing wrong to ask for safety to get found by the candle

It’s fun always for the ostrich to match everything with the Kindle


Hungry fox wants to eat a rabbit

By developing catching practice habit

Some hunters saw a running rabbit

Shout loudly some others by saying catch it

They try hard on the spot to kill the rabbit

The rabbit escapes by injuring a bit

The fox knows catching and rushes to eat the rabbit


With the wings like a rainbow peacock looks cute

The peacock dances and spreads itself like parachute

Peacock never bothers to be noisy or keep itself mute

Peacock loves dancing and loves to get what’s in the route

Peacock finds prey and creates an idea to start jungle institute

Where all seems busy learning from peacock in their institute 


Vitamin C is very good and abundant in the orange

Yellowish coloured ball of fruit comes in all range

Sold in winter with discounts as apply to the orange

Sour and sweet taste sometimes gives the orange

Looks nice in the cart to fill the gap, sellers arrange

Buy a dozen or much more to fulfil your love for orange


Fatty and naughty elephant

Dirty and watery elephant

No bunch of leaves are sufficient   

Walks slowly and walks briskly the elephant

Eats more and drinks less the elephant

Spray’s water around to feel the measurement

Builds foundation to get a nice baby elephant

Happy with all others and feels to enjoy the elephant

Becomes a friend and a mother then the elephant

Tries hard and arranges milk to feed baby elephant


King of the forest and full of strength is the Tiger

Not like everyone, rests for a while the Tiger

Feels energy in hunger and hunts the Tiger

Very kind and fine are all others but not the Tiger

Very cool and calm are all others but not the Tiger

No one dares to come in front of the Tiger

Other animals not very ferocious in need but the Tiger


Happy to come second and happier to come first

The race is all that gives you prizes if you come first

The need for you is to work hard in a race to be first

In a minute you lose and in seconds you will be first

Racing habit keeps you hungry and gives you its thirst


Yellow colour is wonderful and yellow colour is beautiful

Choose yellow colour and to think yellow and be dutiful

Yellow always brings happiness when it comes out in full

Yellow is not a dirty fellow but it’s just a colour so mindful

With lots of fun people love to keep yellow colour not as sinful      

 Yummy Pizza

Yummy Pizza at home is ready for all to taste

Mom made pizza for us and daddy comes late

Eating begins and we finished dinner before eight

Go to bed and sleep well as mom shouts straight

Happy we are to get up early and brush teeth not late

Ready for school and we also take yummy pizza for lunch break 


Money matters a lot to the banks

When you deposit money they say thanks

When you withdraw money they say thanks

When money matters go around the banks

They keep serving the customers with thanks

Whatever matter is with the banks

Most nice is the welcome you receive by the banks

When you see the staff duties of the banks

You can know better how busy they look in the banks  


Cooks never get confused while cooking

They seldom taste the food while cooking

They wait a long time before agile thinking

The food prepared by the cook’s spice mixing

Tastes sometimes awesome and mouth watering

The cook’s roles are different but of worrying

They cook good food for their benefit of money making


The dream comes true when things done not always in order

Your goals get accomplished every time that’s need not matter

Although you think a lot your thoughts should always be proper Many people dream to get wealthier and work a lot to prosper

In many ways people work hard and let other work harder

Screaming at someone is not at all your duty to bother

Do things nicely to make friends with whom you feel happier  

Think always that your goals might be achieved to dream better


Good manners are not speaking nice in words

Behaviour counts by not adding spice in words

Energy to speak a lot cannot be wise in girls

Boys act smartly to get attention from the girls

All facts cannot be disclosed at once with words

Be patient softly on replying with nice words


Teaching is a nice job to do

Controlling students has much more to do

Providing homework to complete a lesson

Always teachers do practice it as a fashion

Not to mention the importance of the teacher

Tough schedule matters always for the teacher

Things done in the schools

Never do ignore the fools

Everything a school does is to make kids learn

Teachers work for fun and they want to earn

Few teachers like students who score good

A few try to shape dull students through good

Experienced teachers with good characters

Control the classes by providing monitors

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