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SEO tips from expert helped me to boost my website ranking

Dear Bloggers, you need to create niche for making your blog world famous and for that learn these SEO tips. The SEO tips are not my own but are from an expert of SEO, who told me to apply in my blog. He suggested me valuable inputs and told me several rules that I should follow. To make it easier for you to understand, you should read each tip order-wise, which are given below:

SEO Tips:

  1. First you need to write unique content and do not copy and paste other blog’s content. Your articles or stories should be useful and should be in detail. Readers should find your article easy to understand. Use of transition words should be more.
  2. When on any website, you find the information that you want to upload in your blog then just read it and close the tab. Think about it and do not copy and paste anywhere else to rewrite the information in your own words. Well, this is what many bloggers do not understand and they try to rewrite others’ content. It’s nothing but cheating and plagiarism of certain type. Be on your own and think about what you read and write with your own efforts.
  3. Transition words play a key role in your word-press blog and turn out to be the factors, which improves readability. Since you should write with the intention in your mind to avoid use of key phrase more than once, and you’ll be through.
  4. Use images that are purchased from any site or from a photographer in your town. Do not use other website’s images in your stories or articles.

More Tips To Read & Understand

  1. Your story should be of a minimum of 400 words and should use sub-headings for every 250 words you write. If you don’t use sub-headings and write about 500 words then you’ll not gain the benefits.
  2. Use links in your articles while I’m not using more inbound links or outbound links in this article. My intention is to make you utilize with the tips that I learned from an expert of SEO. He further explained me to choose key phrase that needs to be the first word of your headline.
  3. Your slug also be written by including the key phrase. In the slug also you should use key phrase as the first word or words.
  4. This 4th point is very important because your meta-description should be written as a suspense for readers to know more. To know more they try to read and click your link and you gain more number of views. Here also you should use the key phrase any where in the less than 100 word meta-description. Read again as what you’ve written then try to publish your story after editing it.

Link Building:

For building links to your blog, you should read a lot of articles on the web and try to answer the readers in their comment sections. Once you become a famous comment writer then people will definitely find you helpful. Then try to copy and paste the links of your best articles in the comment sections of any blog. Paste the links also to

You shouldn’t be afraid to digg any of your stories and you can digg as much as you can. Furthermore, take some help to learn SEO tips from

At udemy you can learn SEO at a price as less as $10 dollars and you can also become an SEO expert. Wish you good luck!

Khalid M Raza

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