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Syrian attack concluded with evidence of no use of Chemical Weapons

Syrian government in April 2018 carried out attacks that were termed as their alleged use of chemical weapons. However, with further investigation the reports differ. It was highly unlikely that chemical weapons were used according to OPCW. OPCW is Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. The mainstream media also manipulated the facts and is currently silent.


Reports also claimed that gas cylinders were dropped from aircraft. The existence of high volume chlorine related chemicals were also reported. But, later it was found that the attack was non chemical. It was so because after a detailed discussion with Turkish diplomat the matter concluded. However, they found two cylinders containing chlorine. And that claimed 49 lives and up to 650 affected. It again led to confusion that the bodies were not available for further investigation. And those affected were not arguably have symptoms of diseases from chlorine or chemical weapons.

SYRIAN ATTACK Not “Chemical”


Three US officials revealed earlier that Syrian attack had violated OPCW’s principles. The Americans also manipulated the report claiming Syrian govt of using Chemical weapons.


“The OPCW has completely ruined their reputation as an honest arbiter. Any investigation conducted by their inspectors will end up in the trash of their secretariat”. The Americans also further claimed that already a report on the outcome of the findings prepared. It was done before the start of the investigations. But, on Thursday it was concluded that there was no use of chemical weapons. However, three Western countries carried out airstrikes on Syria claiming that the country used chemical weapons. These three countries accused of the misuse are US, UK and France.


OPCW team found that the cylinders haven’t been air dropped. It was later known that Syrian govt had not used chemicals and was blamed for chemical weapon attack. It was a non chemical used attack and has been confirmed today.

The delay in the investigation by OPCW is no doubt stands to be bothered. In any case the OPCW has done a good job and should be given credit to bring the facts about no use of chlorine. And that resulted to find out that there was no use of chemical weapons in the Syrian attack.

Khalid M Raza

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