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What Narendra Modi planning to achieve for Indians?

What Narendra Modi thinks is something different than the Indians feel. He’s supposed to develop India and the economy but he’s a failure since 2014. Much more setback to the youth is they currently not paid their salaries by the companies suffering since 2018. Some youth and a lot more lost their jobs and the job seekers aren’t helped.


Rupee lost its value and many food restaurants are running in losses as the middle class troubled a lot. The rich have nothing to lose and their disappointments are their businesses running not in good profits. What Narendra Modi did by introducing GST and demonetization was not worthy. People lost their peaceful living. They’re much bothered to look what’s happening to the minorities. Minorities can bear what Narendra Modi can do to them. They can even lose their lives without being looked after well and will not worry as they know Modi’s intentions.


Being the Prime Minister of the most reputed country, what Narendra Modi wants to achieve, he needs to answer. He keeps thinking that how certain lapses in his governance can be diverted with some other major headlines. Keeping himself always in the news makes no sense when he cannot make the whole country live peacefully. Kashmir problem will be sorted out soon and he will know later on that he was mischievous in the land of greatest democracy. Things will surely come out one by one to the knowledge of the Indians that Narendra Modi was the corrupt leader. His time will end soon and people will start hating him more than ignoring the atrocities to the minorities.

Khalid M Raza

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