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When Atheists abuse God in written or spoken words – A Bold story

You might be wondering why this story is called as bold one. Keep reading to know more. When Atheists abuse God in anyway, then you’ll react or keep patience. As you know with my name that I’m a Muslim and so I know believing in One God only. And worshiping Him alone. I used to get offended much more when someone speaks or uses bad words against my blood relations. And then I realized a good Muslim always keeps patience. Whether I’m a good Muslim or not only Allah knows better. Not even me. Most of you might be wondering still to continue reading this or not.


When Atheists abuse God then people often leave them and offended not much than when their loved ones abused. They leave this insult of God to the God alone and move forward without hurt much. And carry on bothered also not much compared to their reactions when their loved ones abused. Here, two things are there that they believe that God will react better than them against the insults to their God. And they also believe in the seen more than the Unseen. This is so because they get so much angry when their loved ones abused. Their loved one almost the seen ones. And so it makes sense that believers always keep patience in any circumstance.


As a Muslim I used to be offended when some miscreants used to insult my religion. This is so because they do not follow their religion better. And most of them considered to be Atheists as their worldly better life pleases them much more. I also realized that a Muslim submits his will to God. And he should keep patience always. And in any situation.


When Atheists Abuse God & More

Atheists are more in this World than believers. Believers have patience and you know Atheists have no religion but they belong to various religions. Even though they’re born in any religion and do not respect other religions then they’re Atheists. Because they do not fear of the outcome of their hatred. Most of the Muslims do not follow their religion Islam righteously. They’re confused with false believes and misconceptions. They don’t read the Glorious Qur’an with understanding. And if they do read translation of the Glorious Book they choose wrong authors. The authors here are the translators, who translate the Qura’n not correctly.

The Main Author of Qura’n is one and only Allah the Almighty. He revealed Qura’n to the last and final Messenger Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) after revealing different books to the earlier messengers.


Islam exists since the man put his first foot on earth. Man learned many things. And when the Almighty pleased with the understandings of the human beings then he revealed the Glorious Qura’n. And from there since more than just 1400 years Islam progressed in rapid speed. You can find Billions of Muslims but good Muslims might be lesser.

The reactions from you when Atheists abuse God should be to be in patience and in calmness. And also you should not get offended when your loved ones abused in spoken words or written words. However, when anyone physically wants to hurt your loved ones then you need to protect them in any which way.

And when you’re not hurt much when God is abused then why you want to be offensive when your siblings or mother insulted with bad words?

Khalid M Raza

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