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Why Narendra Modi unable to answer questions of issues in Kashmir?

Kashmir was suffering a lot and is suffering more under Narendra Modi’s game. Narendra Modi unable to answer a single question regarding the atrocities meted out on Kashmir. People being harassed and murdered in Kashmir after the eviction of Article 370. India’s Prime Minister is playing games under the most hated name as Narendra Modi. Mr Modi is unaware that Muslims and secular people across India hate him the most.

Mr Narendra Modi unable to sort out the financial and other issues in India and is playing politics as his game. Youth in India are suffering without jobs and in Kashmir, youth been killed for no reason. He did wonders for his followers by creating Godhra incident and then coming back with Gujarat riots. It’s a shame that he does something with the intention of pleasing his followers but he’s fooling them. The time has come to think practically that he also created the Pulwama attack and killed own 40 soldiers. Thereafter, he damaged the trees of Balakot claiming that BJP killed 325 terrorists but no one killed.

Each day the mass killing on the guidelines of ethnic cleansing is in his mind and he will not survive with more such acts. Narendra Modi should understand and lead the country from the front instead of coming up with inside terrorism. Whatever he plans to do will be watched and is been watched so Mr Narendra Modi unable Prime Minister of India. Incapable personality and a non leader of masses, who lives for his own. It’s not sad with what he’s doing but true picture soon will come out.

Khalid M Raza

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