Without you I can't live dear  

I miss you and my heart is in fear

The fear of awful loneliness

Without you it’s all uneasiness

Every minute I miss you and cry

In my heart the anguish is so high

When we were together we never ever fret

Now, you see with my tears the room is all wet

I see you often in my dreams

I love your presence in all forms it seems

To ease myself I stared at the bud

I felt your presence in the form of a bud

Slowly the bud changed itself to a flower

In front of me that I tend to bother

Come, I want to see you in real

I want to feel you in great style

My heart is weeping and calling you

My soul is all the time searching you

Listen to me

Come to me

I want to see you in front of me

I want to hug you near the sea

I never thought you could be that much away

I never fought for you would be for my stay

I agree that you also love me

I feel that but needs to see

I want you to show your love towards me

Come and join me

Prepare your mind for me

There's so much in this world

And there's not too much bold

Things come not in bold way

I feel that you are far away

The reason to get things to sort out

There's the season sings to get out

Come and be with me always

I will be with you always

Khalid M Raza

image: Pixabay

Love Songs

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