Thursday, November 30, 2023
Aamer Javeed picked by Rahul Gandhi as NSUI National Secretary

Aamer Javeed picked by Rahul Gandhi as NSUI National Secretary

AICC Member Mr. Aamer Javeed has been elevated to the post of Chairman, AICC Telangana Research Department.

Rahul Gandhi picks Aamer Javeed

Mr. Aamer Javeed started his political journey by winning the elections for NSUI General Secretary in united Andhra Pradesh. He was previously the AICC Research Secretary for the state of Telangana.

In a notification released Today,  the All India Congress Committee appointed new Chairmen and other research department office bearers.

Mr. Javeed was handpicked by Congress President Mr. Rahul Gandhi as NSUI National Secretary. During his 6 years as the National Secretary of NSUI, he was appointed as an in-charge of 10 states.

Youngest Chairman of AICC Research Department in India 

An educationalist, Mr. Javeed is on the Board of Directors of Sultan Ul Uloom Education Society, which runs the prestigious Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology in Hyderabad. He is currently a Member of the TPCC Campaign Committee. He is also the youngest Chairman of any AICC Research Department in the country.

Congress Party’s Decision Making Secret

The AICC Research Department led by Rajya Sabha MP Professor Rajeev Gowda provides party management secrets to the Congress. This department plays a key role to provide the Congress party with research documents. Adopting a policy to study and manage, the Congress use the documents in the party’s decision-making processes. Documents produced used to be well researched and maintained. Congress party takes advantage thereby.  

Single Phase Election of Telangana State

AICC Telangana Research Department under Mr. Javeed worked extensively for the 2018 Telangana State Election. Javeed managed to produce information dossiers, research documents and speech inputs for state and central leaders. He worked hard for Congress President Mr. Rahul Gandhi with the research work.

The AICC Telangana Research Department led by Mr. Javeed is presently working for Lok Sabha Elections. Mr. Javeed’s role will now be vital as Telangana goes to polls on 11th April in a single-phase election.

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