Alcohol finds no place for healthy life

Alcohol finds no place for healthy life

For many people alcohol consumption in the form of wine or beer seems good for health. However, history speaks volumes about the dreadful alcohol intake, which is highly injurious to health. People feel a few quarters of wine everyday can make their day. It’s absolutely a myth that alcohol makes a person joyful and healthy.

Around the world, people are habituated to alcohol and cannot live peacefully without consuming it. The habit itself is dangerous. Why make a habit of alcohol when there’s no reason for it to be in our lives?

Mainly alcohol makes a person, who used to drink unconscious a bit and he feels in euphoria sometimes. And when he wakes up early in the morning as every alcoholic do get up early, he or she feels the hangover. Hangover makes the person feel headache and dizziness along with restlessness. That’s the result you get next day as you wanted to take rest while drinking in day or night, the morning makes you helpless.

Alcohol consumption in any form is unhealthy. It can cause liver disease, lung disease, and can create body pains leading towards a sudden death. It’s highly important to know that if you have drinking habit then other habits also will join your drinking habit.

You can spend more on tasty food and relax yourself with your family by not spending a penny on wine. Enjoy your life by keeping yourself away from alcohol. You never know, you can fall in various traps if you continue to drink. It’s better to quit it before it quits you.

Khalid M Raza

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