Indian Muslims to get education benefits from World Muslim scholars

Indian Muslims to get education benefits from World Muslim scholars

Muslim scholars will discuss quality education, challenges and prospects of the Muslim community at the India education conclave 2019. The conclave will be held in Hyderabad from June 13 on wards. This conclave jointly organized by MESCO and All India Education Movement. With the association from different educational and social organizations of Hyderabad. Indian Muslims to get education benefits and more.

4-Day India Education Conclave to Be Held in Hyderabad

Muslims Requested to Attend

Muslims from different cities and states across India are welcome to attend from June 13. It will be inaugurated by Mr AK Khan IPS (Retired) on June 13, 2019 at Madina Education Center, Nampally.

MESCO secretary and chairman of the organizing committee Dr. Fakhruddin Mohammed, said: “The conference will be a platform for interdisciplinary discussions including school education and skill development. Also open learning prospects for dropouts through National Institute of Open School and Indira Gandhi National Open University. Awareness and enrollment of Muslims in higher educational institutions progress through Technology, Research and Industry. Thus, imbibing moral education and values in the coming generations.”

Indian Muslims to get education benefits & more

According to Fakhruddin Mohammed: “This is the first time in India so many organizations from different verticals are gathering on one platform. A diversity of topics including from modern education in seminaries and moral education in modern institutions. Artificial intelligence and science and technology will focus on community empowerment while exploring new vistas.

Challenges faced by Indian Muslim women including securing their future while striking a balance with the family will also be discussed.

He said: “The reason of Indian Muslims backwardness is lack of educational facilities or opportunities. Because of economic conditions, the school dropout rate is high. The conclave will also focus on helping these drop outs continue their education. There’s always a way to complete studies through open schooling facility. Which can be at the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).”

The 4-day conclave will have:

  1. Expert speakers
  2. Eminent educationists
  3. Academicians
  4. Intellectuals
  5. Social welfare activists
  6. Diplomats including Telangana Home Minister Mr. Mahmood Ali
  7. Commissioner, ESD IT Electronics and Communication Department Mr. G.T. Venkateshwar Rao IRS
  8. Consul General of Turkey Mr. Adnan Altays Altinoor
  9. Consul General of Iran Haghbin Ghoomi
  10. Secretary All India Muslim Personal Law Board
  11. Secretary Maulana Wali Rahmani
  12. Chairman Bihar Legislative Council Mr. Haroon Rasheed
  13. Eminent economist Amirullah Khan
  14. Vice Chancellor Jamia Millia Islamia
  15. Prof. Najma Akhtar
  16. Vice Chancellor MANUU Dr. Aslam Parvaiz
  17. Vice Chancellor Maulana Azad University (Jodhpur) Prof. Akhtar Wasay

Also 11 to help Indian Muslims to get education benefits from…

  1. Vice Chancellor KBN University Prof. A.M. Pathan
  2. Justice M. A. S. Siddiqui
  3. Mr. Asad Mirza
  4. Mr. P.A. Inamdar
  5. Ex-Pro Vice Chancellor MANUU Dr. Khaja Shahid
  6. Paras Hospital (Pune) Director Dr. Ahmed Abdul Hai
  7. Chairman Shaheen Group of Institutions Dr. Abdul Khadeer
  8. Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani
  9. Prof. Mohsin Osmani
  10. Mufti Sadiq Mohiuddin
  11. Mrs. Abida Inamdar and many other intellectuals and scholars.

Chairman Organizing Secretary

Chairman organizing Secretary Dr. Fakhruddin said: “During the 4-day conclave MESCO will honor eminent personalities. They will be from different walks of life for their yeomen services. He added that MESCO Convention Center will be rechristened as Dr Hyder Khan Auditorium.

The Muslim community has great potential that is untapped and undiscovered due to under-utilization of educational provisions. The conclave is aimed at changing this situation. The session on Science and Technology and Artificial Intelligence will also take place. It will be held at Sultanul Uloom Education Society (SUES).

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