Saturday, September 23, 2023
Women offenders caught with ornaments seized by Police

Women offenders caught with ornaments seized by Police

Anjani Kumar Commissioner of Police seized ornaments worth almost 4 lakhs from Women offenders.

He posed for a photograph with recovered Gold and Silver ornaments seized from Notorious Women Offenders.

The ornaments value is worth at least Rs 3.8 lakhs. Later on, he addressed media at CP office Basheerbagh Hyderabad on Thursday.

Women offenders currently growing in leaps and bounds. Many Women resorting to illegal activities and are involved in serious crimes. This ongoing offenses needs to be in attention of the Police. Anjani Kumar was praised for arresting such offenders. It’s a shame that Women in India known as the most respectable persons doing such crimes. A lot of Women offenders in the sex racket also growing, where there’s money Women will be found.

Lack of proper education in Women colleges tells a different story as such college Women students are also committing crimes. When such Women students finish their college they work for more than earning their pocket money. They do so in illegal way to earn money, which needs to be stopped.

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