Women maintain their menstrual schedule while diseases spread around

Women maintain their menstrual schedule while diseases spread around

There’s a concern of women. They dispose menstrual waste. And this leads to various diseases. However, women maintain their schedule even in their tough phase of seven days per month. So, they’re least bothered about what they need to do.

It’s highly recommended by the World Health to dispose menstrual waste in a proper way. The worry is, in the past women used to use cloth and they used to dispose the waste in an isolated area. During those times diseases of menstrual waste are not found. But, today it’s highly concerned that menstrual waste is the cause of many dreadful diseases.

It is a long debate that will never end talking about menstrual waste. However, we need to follow several rules to keep away from spreading diseases.

First and foremost, every woman should dispose her menstrual waste properly in a separate bag and alert the cleaners. The cleaners or waste pickers should report to the waste department or the menstrual waste should be burned.

Once, it’s burned into ashes there will be no risk of spreading diseases. This is the final solution and the basic steps that women need to follow and the municipality or the waste department. Hitherto, there should be more awareness campaigns need to be held to follow this final procedure. If this simple procedure is followed then there wouldn’t be any problem.

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