BJP can’t make India as Hindu Rashtra as most Hindus don’t follow any religion

BJP can’t make India as Hindu Rashtra as most Hindus don’t follow any religion

Why PM Modi thinks of making India as Hindu Rashtra while BJP can’t do so? This is the big question raised by experts again and again. It’s time to discuss about India more and more within India’s internal matter for many reasons. Firstly, India has diversity and subjective to have different language speaking people living in the country.

Various sects are there in Hindus as some follow all gods mentioned in their sacred books and some none. And few Hindus follow one God only. It’s fine that the majority in India is of Hindus only. But, do all Hindus want the same as what BJP wants India to become? India have a great future ahead and BJP can’t spoil India’s bright future by playing religious card.

No issues, but crimes increased

BJP govt and their followers want India as Hindu nation. But what will they gain if they continue troubling innocent Muslim lives. There are several issues in India involving joblessness and poverty as the major problems. So, if some Hindus prefer India to become Hindu Rashtra then do they’ve laws in Hinduism? No! Islam has laws and teachings available and some Muslims follow Islam in a better way.

Majority of Muslims particularly in India do not follow Islam righteously. But they do get harassed with mob lynching and many other atrocities. Does it make sense for some Hindus to get pleased with the torture of innocent Muslims? It’s a well known fact that the BJP govt is misguiding all Indians to get benefit from majority votes.

If India becomes Hindu nation then mutual benefit businesses between Hindus & Muslims will be vanished. And so the economy will become worst hit. Poverty will increase as Muslims do those kind of work that Hindus won’t do and vice versa.  

Every year new battle of Muslims will be highlighted through Pakistan media. However, it’s good if Muslims ignore what corrupt Indian media speaks about and also to some extent the lesser corrupt media of Pakistan. Pakistan concerns about Indian Muslims and why not? But Pakistan needs to shut up and mind their own business as Indian Muslims are learning to live fighting life in India. India will not progress if it becomes Hindu nation or Hindu Rashtra. Mind your fascist thoughts.

Fooling People

With their sole strategy to talk about religion while delivering speeches BJP can’t fool the people of India. Before 2019 elections Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India went to the cave to worship there. What was astonishing to know that while he worshiped he was captured on camera. It was also petty that he thanked the election commission for allowing him to sit under the cave. This was also reported by the mainstream media with lot of hype.  

Earlier, Narendra Modi did wonders with surgical strike on Pakistan’s Balakot and claimed terrorist camp destroyed. It was not so as most of the people know the reality that only trees were damaged. Wing commander Abhinandan Vardhaman was captured by Pakistan and India took the credit.

Media made the Wing commander as a hero and fooled the people by not taking the so called hero’s interview. When he fought alone with Pakistan and returned to India safe and sound then why his experience in Pakistan concealed? Well, according to the present Pakistani PM Imran Khan, it was a peace gesture that they returned the pilot. But, media made that sound as if Pakistan was gotten feared of more surgical strikes and so they returned Indian pilot.

BJP Can’t Make Things Happen As They Like

Now by bringing NRC to function across whole India BJP can’t target only Muslims as per the laws. They openly say that they favor only Hindus while many Hindus have either converted to Christianity or do not follow any religion. Most Hindus don’t change their names but get converted to Christianity or Islam. And some don’t follow any religion. Why you favor such Hindus, who don’t follow Hinduism? By creating Hindu atmosphere in India, BJP is fooling itself.

By wasting huge money and letting down India, BJP can’t win the hearts of at least the educated Hindus. If you know that there is at least 18% of Muslim population. And these Muslims have to leave India to make India as Hindu Rashtra. So, just know another point here that most of the Muslim men work in foreign countries including Muslim countries. Foreign remittance makes India grow. Also Hindus too work in Muslim countries and send money to India.

Finally, playing with the minds of the people on the lines of religious politics BJP can’t make India as Hindu Rashtra. Running a country is not a cup of tea as the former tea seller thinks. To eliminate Dalits, Muslims, and Christians from India will be a heinous thought. Do good for India and make India a happy place to live. Live and let others live with peace. Otherwise, India will be under evil eyes, evil shadows and evil mindset.

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2 thoughts on “BJP can’t make India as Hindu Rashtra as most Hindus don’t follow any religion

  1. There are Christian countries, Muslim Countries. Why can’t there be 1 Hindu country. Muslims have so many countries to go to, Hindus don’t. Hindus are a majority here in india and so muslims are living peacefully. See in Pakistan, what happens when muslims come in majority. Hindus tolerate Muslims, but muslims cannot and will not. I am a proud Hindu, i am peaceful, religious, spiritual and a good human. India is going to become a Hindu Rashtra and that’s what the majority wants. Jai shree ram 🚩

    1. My dear Chauhan. In Hand Writer respects your sentiments. India is already a Hindu Rashtra since a longtime. What else you want more than that to enjoy as a majority. Truth is hidden in India since a longtime. Also not to bother about Pakistan. Why comparing Pakistan with India? Look at other Muslim countries, where Hindus work and also do white color jobs and enjoy life. Live peacefully even in the UAE or Saudi Arabia. In the UAE, many Temples constructed by the leaders of UAE. Did any political party in India constructed Mosques or given some status to minorities. No! Hindus and Muslims work abroad and help India through foreign money. What will be the case? Ignore everything. Just keep in mind, to make India as Hindu Rashtra, you need to be Hindu first. But you’re not a Hindu because you don’t get hurt when mob-lynching and open call for genocide of Muslims come in your way. It’s good if India becomes a Hindu Rashtra without killing innocents. Isn’t this enough? So then also read the story below:

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