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Double Role Bollywood Script to read an unique story – Grab it FREE

Double Role Bollywood Script to read an unique story – Grab it FREE

The Double Role Bollywood Script as Follows:

Cast: No issue  

Producers: No Issue

Directors: No Issue

Writer: Khalid M Raza

This double role script has nothing to do with our Free to read mode. It’s just a simple script and short enough to understand a few characters and their roles revolving around till the end.

Arjun is a police officer and is very strict. He performs his duty to arrest the thieves, murderers and rapists.

One day when he was on his way to his home he finds a girl named Neha, who was in trouble. The beautiful innocent girl was about to be caught by the miscreants, who were chasing her. But, suddenly Arjun comes in the way and stops the miscreants and fights with them until he arrests them.

The vivacious girl thanks Arjun and she introduces her and falls in love with Arjun. As Arjun responds to her love they find each other as made for each other.

Double Role Introduced

Arun is another man and he resembles hundred percent to Arjun and is a criminal. Arun commits crimes and never gets caught. Whenever, he does a crime he used to cover his face and is most wanted criminal. He does many thefts and is not known to the police how to arrest him. So, the commissioner hands Arun’s case to Arjun and the latter obeys the order.  

Fortunately for Arjun that he finds Arun committing the crime of theft by wearing a mask. Arjun runs after him and there’s long chase. Neha comes in the middle and falls down during the chase and Arjun lifts Neha and takes her to the hospital. Thus, Arun escapes. But Arun in his heart thanks Neha for coming in between.

Next day when Arun already knows that Arjun resembles him he tries to take advantage when he finds Neha. He then flirts with her to get the joy physically to the extent that she becomes pregnant. Thus, Arjun was shocked to know that Neha is pregnant and he believes her not…

Want to know more about the Script:

Visit: (Khalid M Raza)

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