Ice like cool English Lyrics For You FREE to Grab Now

Ice like cool English Lyrics For You FREE to Grab Now

Ice like Cool

Makes me to Rule

Never I can say anything wrong

Let me sing this lovely Song

You are in my Heart

And like a Musical Bard

Everything is so nice

There’s the Sunrise

The Morning tea is not enough

Let’s have some more stuff

Nothing too much to worry

No more words again of sorry

Play your game and make me feel joy

Touch me everywhere but not like a toy

I assure you that I’m not a Fool

Ice like Cool

Makes me to Rule

Remember me in your Thought

I cannot be easily Caught

Catch me for Fun

To make me Stun

Run after me

Look after me

Breathe with me

Eat with me

Let’s relax and do enjoy

I have the room for Joy

Come and sit over me

Come and play with me

Dreams are there to see

Kiss my cheeks and touch me

Over and under my lips

Touch me under my hips

Hug me with Joy

Let us now Enjoy

Use me as a funny Tool

Ice like Cool

Make me not to Rule

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