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Sinning Muslims omit sins to become good also non Muslims should do so

Sinning Muslims omit sins to become good also non Muslims should do so

Allah the Almighty guides to whom He wants to and to a straight path without any hurdles. And makes his or her worshiping easy as sinning Muslims omit bad deeds and become good Muslims. They turn towards Allah the Almighty in such a way that their behavior changes for them to behave nicely.


Sinning Muslims Should Change

Also they do charity and help the poor with Zakat (Obligation for Muslims to the Poor from their income). Moreover, the Muslims also guided to follow Islam righteously without coming across innovations in Islam. The greatest sinners are those, who make changes in Islam. But, the Glorious Quran is still unchanged and should be read by the entire humanity. Secondly Sahi Bukhari is the next Book in Islam to understand easily in a simultaneous way while reading Quran.

Muslims follow teachings of last & Final Messenger of Allah the Almighty and he’s non other than Mohammed (PBUH). The Muslims should believe in all the Prophets sent by Allah since the man put his foot on Earth.


World should know that Islam does not teach violence and the message of Islam is to come in the way of peaceful life. The term Jihad in Islam means nothing more than “to struggle”. When enemies of Islam attack the believing Muslims then Muslims should fight against them and this is also Jihad. It’s a struggle to defend against the enemies and save the religion of Islam without caring about death or injuries. If a Muslim does Jihad for good only then he or she will be rewarded later in the Hereafter.


Islam is simple and easy to follow. Sinning Muslims are the losers even though they’re born to a Muslim family. Muslims should feel guilty when they’re supposedly sinning with or without fear of Almighty. Many Muslims fear the Almighty but never give up their bad habits. This makes them as rocks and their sinning continues until their death.


Death is Inevitable

World knows that every living being tastes death but they commit heinous crimes thinking after death there’s no life. They’re wrong because there will be an unending life after death and everyone should know the life after death. The life after death should be known otherwise everyone will do whatever he or she wants to. Worldly life is as small as a drop from the Ocean and Ocean is the life after death. Choice is yours to choose worldly life and live as you like or work hard for Hereafter.

If you’re good and obey your Lord and His Messengers then you’ll be rewarded in the Hereafter. The reward of Hereafter cannot be imagined as it has so much enjoyment and that joy will be unending. However, Worldly joy ends in a short time as soon as you die.


When you see sinning Muslims change to become good Muslims for the sake of better Hereafter. Then Almighty makes his or her worshiping easier. He or she wants to please the Almighty and follow what’s told to them already. They fear the Almighty because the biggest pain he or she can get is from the Almighty only. And the biggest joy given to him or her by the Almighty’s mercy only.

Islam is Simple & Easy to Follow

The Almighty Created human beings to think and know the problems of his or her and help each other. As human beings it’s our duty to look for good in others and if they’ve troubles we need to solve those. Nobody can harm as much as the Almighty can harm you while nobody can help you as much as the Almighty can help you. So, we should fear our Lord. The Lord of the Worlds.


Sinning Muslims with good heart usually get transformed to follow Islam righteously. And so the Non Muslims also are guided to follow the straight path and keep doing good deeds. Almighty guides you if you fear Him and keep yourself away from sinning. Thus, Islam is the fastest growing religion on Earth and the World knows this fact.

A good Non Muslim thinks that he or she doing good deeds so they can be rewarded. Yes, they’ll be rewarded but only in this World. It’s like all six subjects of your School exams needs to be passed to go towards next level. If you think getting 99% in five subjects and failing in one subject enough to go towards next level? No! your School will not allow you unless you pass all six subjects as the six subjects are compulsory. This way good Non Muslims fail in the test of the Hereafter and get rewards in this World only.

They do all good deeds perfectly but never believe in Oneness of the Almighty. So, they fail and when they realize that they need to do more good then they’re sure to get guidance if Almighty wills. He know better and He’s always watching you.

Khalid M Raza

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