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Narendra Modi took bribes from Companies to get cashed in with huge money

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Already Arvind Kejriwal kept on spreading the news that Narendra Modi took bribes to get cashed in. It was later proved by a team of experts from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). AAP is Arvind Kejriwal’s founding party and collectively spreading about Narendra Modi getting richer with PM position too. Also Narendra Modi took bribes when he was Gujarat’s Chief Minister but he was let off and is living freely. But, this time an investigation of Birla group & Sahara companies matters most to AAP. “It’s not a revenge but it’s the time to expose Narendra Modi”. Said the confident AAP leader & CM of Delhi.  

Earlier the AAP President & Delhi’s CM was insulted with CBI raids by BJP at his premises. Nothing was found excluding four mufflers and BJP had only to bear with costs of the raids.  

Entire investigation teams of India are under Narendra Modi’ govt. And if they’re told to investigate how Narendra Modi took bribes then he’ll find himself guilty and he’ll be punished. A huge penalty and imprisonment up to 7 years will find Narendra Modi in deep trouble. However, Narendra Modi used to get support from the RSS activists and RSS should also be investigated.

If not exposed then Narendra Modi will eat away all the resources of India and also affect the World economically. It was claimed that Narendra Modi govt is responsible for Global economic issues. He’s taking India towards poverty and only the rich getting benefited while middle class & poor people suffering. It will not be too late when India will be called as the poorest Country if Narendra Modi continues taking bribes.

Khalid M Raza

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