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Amit Shah issued warning to CAA protesters for using RSS against them

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Amit Shah issued warning to stop protesting otherwise

The BJP frustrated on losing out on preliminary exit polls of Delhi elections as elections to take place within a week. One RSS activist yesterday started firing on students of Jamia and went on abusing protesters as several students were injured. BJP did their level best to stop protests for NRC or NPR to be carried out from April, 2020. But it looks like NRC or NPR will be delayed to get carried out and finish off by 2024. CAA will not be implemented if Indian Muslims never lose their Citizenship.

Ex criminal Amit Shah issued warning to stop protesting otherwise RSS activists will enter Muslim homes and kick them out. Shameful to know this & more:

Amit Shah issued Warning for BJP’s Downfall as it looks:  

BJP’s Home Minister of India Mr Amit Shah issued warning that BJP will decide whether Muslims support India or not? Aaj Tak reported that Amit Shah wants people in Delhi to understand whether they support Shaheen Bagh or Mother India. Shaheen Bagh protesters hurting & troubling BJP as Amit Shah issued warnings of using RSS forces against Muslims.  

Previously BJP claimed that Adnan Sami suffered a lot in Pakistan and so he was given Indian Citizenship. People are against CAA for what? BJP keeps on saying in their speeches across India. Experts say that not only CAA but NPR also is against the Constitution and needs to be condemned. “Indians are not fools and they know BJP’s intentions”. Adnan Sami is a cheat as some reports claimed.

Many reports when analyzed over CAA issue confirmed that BJP is playing criminal games and already using RSS. BJP is not working for the progress of India and BJP wants to divide & rule. BJP is frustrated and speaking lies to keep people quiet but many knowledgeable people exposing BJP’s intentions. Nothing will happen to Muslims in India even if Amit Shah issued warnings or hangs himself upside down.

Khalid M Raza

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