Love Jihad used to blame Muslims dismissed by Court as RSS using what on Muslim girls?

Love Jihad used to blame Muslims dismissed by Court as RSS using what on Muslim girls?

RSS activists spread across India to come closer to Muslim girls and try marrying them with their own created Love Jihad. And for this RSS game, Muslim girls are only to be blamed. Islamic scholars find no issues with the non Muslims as they continue to blame Muslims. And never stops to support their own wrong games and of their own created Love Jihad. However, no Muslim should blame any Muslim girl against marrying non Muslims. It’s the wish of any Muslim girl to do what they want to because Islam does not allow compulsion.

Muslim scholars can only advise Muslim girls about RSS’s bad intentions. And the righteous way to remain as Muslims until their deaths. So, the Muslim girls need to be guided rather than blamed for what they do to get attracted towards RSS’s youth.

Muslims & RSS’s Love Jihad

And the more the Muslim girls ignore what Islam teaches the less benefits they get. Muslim girls marrying non Muslims makes sense as these girls are misguided with their lesser knowledge of Islam. However, Love Jihad in Islam or in Indian terminology from Muslims never existed and it’s proved that it was a fake propaganda. In order to blame Muslims Love Jihad was used and in another form it was used against Muslim girls by RSS.

Muslims Girls Needs To Be Blamed for Their Ignorance Only

It’s the Muslims girls needs to be blamed. They’ve half faith in Islam. The Muslim girls will not benefit and neither the RSS. RSS will not gain anything by converting Muslim girls to Hinduism. Muslim girls are only the losers. Islam needs no such Muslim girls for any reason. The Almighty needs no one to worship Him.

Muslims worship the Almighty for their own good. If Muslims girls lose their believe in the Almighty then they’re only the losers. Here, the RSS needs to learn from.

Muslims always are and will be against Love Jihad of BJP. BJP tried using RSS in their one of the lies to make believe the Indians to know about “Love Jihad” in a wrong way. Muslims never raised voices against imposition of “Love Jihad”. All Muslims have reasons to wait for the truth to come out. Today, every Indian can find out more about the facts as it was proved that Love Jihad from Muslims never existed. But, it do exist as RSS’s another “wrong intention”.

What will happen in your life if you want to know more about Islam? Well, it’s obvious that you’ll like Islam very much. The message is clear and the laws and the structure of Islam is based on peace. Peaceful living is only found in one religion and that is Islam. There’s no doubt about it.

Find Peace in Islam

It’s so easy that you will find peace in Islam as there are 3 more pillars for until now you noticed only 2 pillars of Islam. Third one is helping the needy or the poor with Zakat (Charity). Fourth is fasting during the month of Ramadan, where you’ll feel better for the month long peacefulness. Fifth is another obligation but for those, who can afford and that is performing Haj.

All the five pillars and the good manners in you can make you a better Muslim and you’ll be rewarded. These all five pillars are so easy to perform because it takes no big effort and you’re done with. So, when Islamic knowledge known to those, who’re unaware of the Islamic teachings then they feel blessed. 

Love Jihad Never Existed

The false claims of BJP understood to create hatred against Muslims and BJP was defeated time & again. If Muslim girls do whatever they want to then it’s their wish. And Muslim scholars can only show Muslim girls about right way to live and according to Islam. Islam cannot force any Muslim to do anything accordingly as it respects their wishes. And Islam cannot consider any person as Muslim or non Muslim even if they keep Muslim names or non Muslim names. It’s their belief that matters the most in Islam.

No Muslim has the right to call a non Muslim as non Muslim according to Islam. Muslims need to acquire more knowledge about Islam as they need to answer questions regarding Islam. Hence, one cannot become a Muslim simply with a Muslim name as he or she needs to practice at least the basics of Islam. Thus, Muslims keep patience and struggle to follow what’s right. To struggle is called Jihad and this should be always in everyone’s mind and heart. “Love Jihad” only used to create fake propaganda.

The RSS, Love Jihad & More

Well, RSS continues to lure Muslim girls since decades and some of the girls fall in their trap. Some Muslims get hurt as their girls marry Hindu boys. However, Muslim girls are only to be blamed and not RSS as RSS is a criminal group. Criminals do whatever they want to and they’ll taste punishment in this world too sooner or later.

In Hyderabad and across many parts of India the game of “Love Jihad” of RSS goes on. Many ignorant Muslim girls in Non Muslim areas targeted. This way, RSS uses their own “Love Jihad” and it’s horrible to know that they blame the Muslims upon their own (RSS’s) faults.

Easier to Follow Islam & Daily Schedule of Muslims

In Islam there are five things to do and are very simple. First believe in the Unseen and be thankful to Him for worshiping only One God. Second comes the five obligatory prayers. You need to get up early in the morning, and you should pray the first prayer (Fajr). If you get up early on time then it’s better to pray at Mosque and you may get better reward. Secondly, during afternoon, which is your lunch time, you should offer Zuhr prayers.

In the evening during your tea time or obviously after you feel a tiring day, you’re invited for Asr prayer. Asr prayer makes you feel better and healthy and then during the end of the day there comes the Maghreb Prayers.

Finally, late in the night you’ll find peace after praying Isha’n prayer. You can hardly find any other time in a Muslim’s life and you continue to blame Muslims for their struggle for becoming as much good as possible?

They do good only to please the Almighty and not through any other games that you keep involving Muslims in your games to hide your intentions. What a true Muslim needs to do can be known. And here’s the following paragraph:

Here’s What Needs To Be Known:

A true Muslim can marry only those, who believe and in that way they reveal the peaceful message of Islam to Non Muslim girls. If the Non Muslim girls accept Islam then true Muslims marry them. The inter religious marriages between Muslims and Non Muslims in India is termed as Love Jihad, which’s not right. It’s the RSS and the RSS should be blamed.

But, Muslims in India never bother as Muslim girls have lesser knowledge of Islam. They cannot marry the Non Muslims but they do so. Again, it’s the teachings of Islam that needs to be delivered to the Non Muslim girls. So, RSS needs to be blamed and not the Muslims in India.

Khalid M Raza

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