Imran Khan hits back at Saudi Crown Prince Bin Salman with fitting reply

Imran Khan hits back at Saudi Crown Prince Bin Salman with fitting reply

Turkey’s Premier Tayyep Erdogan scheduled to visit Pakistan on Feb 13 to meet Imran Khan for discussing Kashmir issue. His visit will be of two days only. Kashmir is in serious trouble since Aug 5. Women & girls are suffering a lot and youth been arrested every day in Kashmir. Still Muslims in Kashmir battling hard against Narendra Modi’s atrocities. Imran Khan hits back at Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman over Saudi Arabia’s blackmail. He said he’ll not be pressurized anymore by Saudi Arabia. He’ll do what the situation demands.

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Mohammed Bin Salman

Mr. Erdogan will visit Pakistan for two days to discuss issues related to Kashmir. Rapes and torture of young & adults in Kashmir can make anyone weep for the helpless Kashmiris. “This is too much & I will do much more as per Pakistan’s capabilities”. Said Imran Khan.

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Narendra Modi is under deep pressure as what needs to be done when Pakistan already gained a few friends. Moreover, Narendra Modi should also keep in mind that other than Saudi Arabia, UAE & USA, every nation criticizes him. Imran Khan hits back at Narendra Modi. And he said “Modi will do another mistake and that will be his last mistake”.

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Narendra Modi

Kashmir women speaking about justice. They’re saying that Kashmir will be peaceful and the curfew will be lifted. “Who is best guide & helper than the Almighty”. Said a few women from Kashmir. They added that Narendra Modi will taste defeat and he’ll lose Kashmir soon.

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