Kashmir fights BJP forces in curfew to create independent Kashmir soon

Kashmir fights BJP forces in curfew to create independent Kashmir soon

Kashmir fights back against BJP. BJP troubled Muslims in Kashmir after abrogation of article 370 in Kashmir. Women & girl children troubled with heinous crimes by BJP armed forces. Muslims in the Valley suffering a lot since over six months.  

India’s most corrupt & criminal party is none other than BJP. It’s horrible to know how BJP leaders continue to spread hatred and destroyed Indian economy. Many businesses had shutdown since 2016 & joblessness increased. Millions in India lost their jobs. Farmers are not benefited as promises failed to be fulfilled. Kashmir fights with the armed forces and soon Muslims in Kashmir will win their battle. How long Muslims in Kashmir bear the atrocities? They’re now fearless of death and fighting hard.

Pakistan Occupied Kashmir & Indian Occupied Kashmir will get merged and soon they’ll wave their own flag. The wall that separates these two parts of Kashmir will be demolished. And soon together, they’ll fight against criminal BJP and will find independence.

Indians need to wake up & see what BJP has given to India? India never benefited with BJP’s divide & rule policy. Every Indian should know the truth about Kashmir. Indians shouldn’t believe to what BJP talks about Kashmir. Narendra Modi’s heart died and he’s a criminal and he should punished. If he continues to fool Indians then truth will come out to take action against him. He’ll fail in all his planning as the best planner & disposer is the Almighty. BJP leaders never believe and they’ll be caught and punished stringently.

Khalid M Raza

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